Making waves, the art of sound in cinema

Making waves, the art of sound in cinema

Mono-Stereo-Surround-Special Effects ஒரு A century of evolution in cinematic sound, narrated by the best American directors. Above allPioneers of sound design Who made their pictures successful. But whose name is known Walter Murch, Ben Burt or Gary Wrightstrom?

1974, George Lucas has a problem. What voice should he give to the creatures he imagined for his new project Star Wars ? What language for R2-D2, Mouthless robot? What sounds செவ்பாக்கா And his comrades Wokies? Ben Burt I will find out Solution. Creating waves Felt Presented by Hollywood Sound Editor Midge Costin. An elder who knew what she was talking about. He takes special care to give voice to these heroes who reveal the hidden power of sound in cinema with a lot of stories.

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Sound is an absolutely emotional way to enjoy a movie. The art of sound is to make you believe in the reality of the universe presented on the screen. Or adding us to the character’s head. Creating waves It starts with the revolution of movies filmed only in talking cinema and studios, with minimal music and maximum music to create emotion.

King Kong and the New Wave

Thanks King Kong (1933) It welcomes birth Sound design. You had to imagine the sound universe of a creature that does not really exist. Murray Spivak The roar of a tiger, in slow motion and upside down, mixes with the lion to create the mythical roar of the beast. Orson Welles And Hitchcock Will be other artisans of sound work.

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In the 60s, the portable recorder would make it possible to shoot outside and Americans would be inspired New wave. Further Creating waves is the heart of the 70s revolution Around iconic images like Star Wars And Apocalypse now.

Ben Burt and Georges Lucas

In 1971 George Lucas Expectation makes the film THX1138. Ben Burt Made all the sounds. The film was a commercial failure. Lucas makes up for it The Godfather, A designated film inspired by sound effects Images by European writers. He uses abstract sounds after discovering the concrete music of Pierre Henry. There is success.

Filmed on Star Wars Dolby Stereo

This is a revolution in theaters. If the vinyl record has been in stereo since the 1950s, The cinema was in mono. To Star Wars, Lucas Rejects the use of electronic sounds in practice in science fiction films. The Have “organic” soundtrack.

Star Wars fans, Learn how the sound of light beams, spacecraft and other devices is picked up Real sounds of aircraft, engines, cracking TVs, diving breath test for Darth Vader … Ben Burt It took a year and a half to build this sound bank. He left with an Oscar in 1978.

Allen The web And David Lynch: The challenge of abstract cinema

To David Lynch, To sound tWrite what he calls ” The ocean of infinite and infinite consciousness at the base of all minds. “A popular challenge Allen The web, An enthusiastic experimenter with a solid background in classical music.

Walter Murch and Francis Ford Coppola: Le Dolby Surround

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All together Creating waves, We can see the close links between technological development and creativity. Apocalypse is planned at the Now Dolby Surround. Suddenly, There are 6 tracks arranged for 6 speakers in the cinema room. Now the sound goes through your head. Unknown territory! Never done this before. How to imagine a blockbuster without sound transfer today?

As Hitchcock Before him, Coppola Each scene refers to the sound environment in its context. Like the cinema of David Lynch, All sound manipulations are possible as he faints on his bed in a hotel room in Saigon, passing through everything we see and hear through the character’s consciousness filter. The said events Walter Murch Live up to the chaotic reputation of filming.

The digital revolution

Until the mid-90s, we edited the sound on magnetic tapes. From 95, sounds are entered digitally in software such as Pro Tools. View and listen to all tracks on the same device at the same time. Digitalization of sound opens up Endless development of special effects. Let’s leave the decision David Lynch : aToday there are many technological tools to handle sound that can do anything that comes from our imagination.

Making waves, the art of sound in cinema : Many events, interviews with stars and one can regret, which is entirely due to an evolutionary American cinema.

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