Kylie and Kendall Jenner take a jab at one of their dating options in a playful dictator video


Proving that they are in good shape again after the hot battle, ‘Joining the Kardashian sisters joins forces in making a new challenge in which they choose the qualities that best describe them.

Kylie Jenner And his older sister, Kendall Jenner, Pushed the rest of the misconception out of their enmity to create a fun video. Thursday, November 26, “Continuing with the Kardashians“The stars proved that they are in good shape again after a big fight when a family goes out by having fun with their dating options on Dictok.

Kylie posted that the clip, which lasted seconds, was filmed turning towards the camera under the characteristic of best describing the sisters. When the “hoopers” and “rappers” type appeared, they both covered their faces as they moved toward their chosen identity. Kendall walked over to the “hoopers” to indicate his tendency to interact with basketball players, while Kylie chose the “rappers”.

Dictoc video by Kylie Jenner

Kylie and Kendall Jenner take part in a new challenge video for Dicto.

Other categories include “Daddy’s Fave” and “Mommy’s Fave”, “Low Care” and “High Care”, as well as “Going Out” and “Staying”. Daughters Chris Jenner It was also fun in the “Sloppy Trunk” and “Funny Trunk” genre, which saw Kendall trying to push Kylie towards the “Sloppy” section.

As for the “supermodel” and “Instagram model” genre, Kendall can be seen refusing Kylie’s attempt to go to her “supermodel” page. This did not stop Kylie from claiming the attribute. Entitled Dictoc post, The 23-year-old makeup mogul wrote, “I’m still a super model inside.”

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Kylie and Kendall had a major fall earlier this year when their mother refused to drive her model sister home after a family left in Palm Springs. Kylie and their mother both got into a screaming match that led to her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, Leaving Kendall alone at a gas station. The November 5 episode of “KUWTK” revealed that the two were not in words for a month after the fight.

After the two finally spoke to each other once again, Kendall shared in a confession, “Sisters and sisters. We can fight everything we want, we can say crazy things to each other, but at the end of the day, we’re family, we love each other so much.” , My whole life forever, it will never change, “he added.

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