Before updating WhatsApp and releasing your data, learn how to protect your privacy

Before updating WhatsApp and releasing your data, learn how to protect your privacy

After WhatsApp announces the details of new updates on the app, it will be forced to share user data with other Facebook products and apps, and if they do not comply with the terms of the new Privacy Policy, their WhatsApp account will be deleted from February 8, 2021. Most users of the WhatsApp app searched for how to protect their data on the phone and in addition turned to other apps that offer privacy.

In this regard, some privacy tips and how to prevent applications from accessing data recorded on the phone:

Phone Privacy Protection Tips:

1. Improve location settings in applications:

Some applications may collect geolocation data to work, but these applications may be modified to protect privacy.

1- On iOS users, go to Settings, then click Privacy and click on the Location Services option, which will display a list of applications as well as set a location for each of them.
You can determine the amount of access to your location data, i.e.: the first always provides access even when not using location data, while the second, when using the app, never has the last option, which prevents tracking your location.

2- For Android users, go to Settings and press Security and Location, under the Privacy section, scroll down to Location Options, press the Application-Level Permissions option, the Application-Level Permissions menu will appear, and then press the Alternate button to stop running the application site.

2. Check location settings for applications:

The geographical location of each app installed on your phone is important, and it is important to remove all apps that you do not use, and make sure to disable location access services by apps.

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3- Disable site registration system:

Store Android and Apple devices in a list called frequent locations, which includes the number of places to visit and the length of stay. To protect privacy, remove history from organizations.

4. Use a VPN:

By using a VPN, you can encrypt your activity on the Internet and make direct web visits to various servers to hide the location. Trusted and well-known networks should be used because there are many free VPN applications in the app stores, but they work with questionable procedures.

Tips to prevent applications from stealing data:

1- Beware of permissions requested by applications:

Check the permissions you request when using the app and ask yourself, Why does the app require those permissions? The application requested access to the data associated with its functions, and indicates that something is abnormal.

2. Use the Password Manager app:

Because all applications rely on the same password, this can lead to their accounts being compromised, which is important for trusting secure and encrypted password manager applications: Google Chrome.

3. Be careful to update the operating system:

It is important to update the operating system to maintain the security of your data, as system updates include improvements in privacy and security features, so experts recommend updating the phone settings automatically.

4. Monitor the performance of your phone:

It is important to monitor the performance of the phone after installing the app, as the slow performance of the phone and the low battery speed are clear indications that the app is still running in the background accessing data at all times.

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Be sure to download apps from official stores, as Google Play includes the “Play Protect” service, which checks apps before downloading.

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