Die Hart, HIMYM, Alien, Les Griffins… Disney + expands its list

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The stage of the house with big ears will become more enjoyable. Next month, a new section will land on the streaming service with more and more programs, this time more for older children.

By the time we arrived in France last April and delighted ourselves during our first prison term, Disney + had quickly established itself as an essential streaming platform. Faced with already well-established competitors in our living rooms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, it stood out instantly by delivering stunning content. With its own Classic and Picture studios, but – and others – with two of the biggest owners the cinema has ever known: Star Wars and Marvel. This is called hard, very hard.

However, while there is already something to attract young and old dreamers, some may have regretted the very obvious “family” aspect of this offer. It was definitely purposeful, but it felt like Mickey’s house was staying Sports, And to satisfy a larger audience than fans of fairy tales and other superhero adventures, we have to offer very different shows. So by expanding its list it will (significantly) soon provide the options of many visitors from all over the world.

Next to the ones that already delight subscribers, i.e. not only Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars but also National Geographic, a new episode will actually appear on stage on February 23rd (currently available in a package with Canal + and Netflix, please, only 25 euros per month in the SFR box). Called the Star, it offers all kinds of content such as movies or series, cult programs or exclusive innovations, action, drama or comedy. Until then, if Disney +’s schedule was guaranteed to be “all public”, these could sometimes be reserved for certain ages, which would have prohibited Mom and Dad from promising: “With reinforced parental control, Mickey has planned everything to protect the innocence of minors.”

It is full of cult and unpublished works that have finally arrived in France

So now the question that burns your lips: What should the Star offer? Well a lot, a lot of things. The series will be heavy on the side, especially with worship at first Desperate housewives, Lost, Hi I Meet Your Mom Or Chrono for 24 hours, To truly cater to all tastes. When The Simpsons They have already installed their sofa on the platform for a long time, which would be very inappropriate Griffin To do the show for all fans of the animated series for adults only. As for the pictures, unfortunately we don’t have a lot of details yet, except “Hundreds“, But we know one thing, it will certainly be enough to delight lovers True Christmas Movies: John McLane Comes To That Place, Not Only Crystal Trap But the whole mate Die Heart. Yipi-ki-ye !

Star’s arrival at Disney + will also be an opportunity to find previously unseen series in France (for example) from the American channel ABC, 20th Century Fox Studios or the site. Hulu, all of which are affiliated with the parent company Walt Disney Company. In these projects, which are not yet known to the audience in France, we can mention the guard Great sky King David E. of the small screen. Kelly signed and Ryan Phillip wore. Or, in a completely different way, the teenage series Love, Victor, Which acts as a sequel to the film Love, Simon. Science fiction enthusiasts are definitely looking forward to the fact that it will be produced by FX Channel across the Atlantic, so when it comes out as part of the Disney + list, in 2021, the adaptation Saga Alien In the series, it returns to the arrival of the first alien on earth!

So, interested? Don’t wait until February 23rd, the new Star service will actually be available on Disney +, subscribe. On the one hand, there are still a lot of beautiful things to find right now on the stage of the house with big ears. On the other hand, it is currently subject to the hell of an advertising offer in the SFR box, where you can get it in a package that includes both Canal + and Netflix, for that, 25 euros per month *. It is a shame to miss such a case!

* 1 year, then 30 euros per month (with 2 year commitment).

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