Johanna Farris of Call of Duty holds the lead

There is movement at the executive level in the Activation-Blizzard. After departure Jeff Kaplan, Vice President of the Editor, The restoration of the poles takes place a few days ago. In fact, the CEO’s cap on the publisher’s primary rights, Call of duty, Has changed owners. Byron Beatty Thus leading Johanna Farris He assumes the responsibility of overseeing the administration of the multi-billion dollar license.

Faris is not new to the business. He is already the head of Activision’s e-sports division and is a member of the NFL for the American Football League. He also retained his role in the Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues.

Since joining Activision Blizzard, I have had the unique opportunity to define a new and dynamic vision for Call of Duty Sports with incredibly talented colleagues, athletes, owners and associates.[…]

Call of Duty has made an immeasurable impact in the world of gaming and entertainment and is a truly cultural event. I look forward to helping bring ownership to its next chapter and continuing to express the power that Call of Duty represents for the future of competitive entertainment.

Within a week of the release of its quarterly results, this change may come as a surprise. The group in particular achieved record results in 2020 with a 25% increase in its profits. This success is largely due to Call of Duty: Warson As well as Call of Duty Mobile. We want him to bring a new perspective and enrich the right.

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