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On January 2, 2021 at 10:00 am

Initiating is a big challenge, especially when it comes to first place. Since January 1, Catherine Macrigor has won for Isabel Kochhar in Engi, after a gap of several months. Of course, after a decade of conflict within the energy company, much will be said about the distribution of roles between the new general manager and Jean-Pierre Chlamydio, chairman of the board of directors. “I bring more of my experience than a Persian network, which Jean-Pierre Chlamydio knows anyway. It will be great, I firmly believe.”, The 48-year-old middle-aged woman told the Journal of Dimanche. The legend, who lived to be a hundred days old, has a few weeks to control and learn from a strong political and media expression of Catherine Macrigor. Considered “straightforward, orderly, resolute and highly functional”, he, like his predecessor, became a symbol: the sole leader of the CAC 40.

Do not immediately judge the “boss”

Alone, unique … In the banking world, Jane Fraser, next month, will be the head of Citigroup in the United States, where only 6% of the 500 most important American companies are managed by women, and the New York Association of Catalysts (among all CEOs, Lisa Su, of advanced micro devices, is the highest paid Receives). In France, last year, at 120 of the most important French companies (SPF 120), there were more than eleven women general managers or directors and 7 chairs of directors or supervisory boards. However, the Cobb-Zimmerman Act made France the world champion in feminizing “boards” with a rate of 45.2%. On the other hand, in 2019, only 21.4% of women are on the side of the executive committees (COMEX) and 26.2% of things are being pulled by expanding to the top 100 in the top 100 positions. While men can honestly mobilize in support of diversity and develop pools of talent, women seem to be most appreciated when they create a successful ticket with a man to access power. Kamala Harris, the first vice president of the United States, with Joe Biden, when they try to take her away.

Above, these women are asked to take care of both the object and the form. They are very attentive to what they dress, talk about or occupy space. At the same time, the standards of the highest spheres of power are designed, and they are designed by humans. But with technique, it should not be immediately judged as dictatorial (say “boss”, say Anglo-Saxons) or aggressive, as it is recommended to them. In this regard, across the Atlantic, a #Panbosi movement has flourished, with the support of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Being “Number One” is not easy because Tony Marshall filmed it so well.

Functional but less visionary?

Mecca Brunel, the rare executive who heads the SPF120 company that is in power alone, has been around for a long time. “Alone and young, Cassina’s CEO recalled. My generation had to succeed in cutting and pasting men. But I – 1.56 meters, female, of Iranian descent – always tried to make my difference. “ Inauguration is a period of mild depression and a more serious diagnosis: “What is she going to do?” What will she say? : For women, suspicion is useless, but a particular suspicion ”, Take a look at Mecca Brunel. “But very quickly, I got out of the idea that I always had to justify myself. The male guides I helped with this. Then, over time, I learned not to let myself get caught up in some hateful comments and return them with humor.” Transparency, speaking the truth, and sharing a diagnosis with staff has become essential as you enter the highest authority today. “Quickly select people to lean on. We always take more time to do that”, Crystal Boris, CEO of Eramet, says in a video. “Inauguration Intuition and decision making require a mix of listening with minimal information to understand what is going on on the ground », She compiles.

“Once upon a time, it was my responsibility to recruit female skills – and I emphasize the word skills -, Women should not underestimate their qualities and should not promote equal pay (Achieved since 2014 in the editorial of the real estate company), ”explains Mecca Brunel, who has 45% of the board of directors and 35% of the board of directors of Casina. It is a responsibility recognized by Soulway’s CEO Ilham Qadri to encourage inclusion beyond diversity.“Leadership is won through courage, vision and learning”, When Dow Chemical was the “general manager” of Middle East Africa, he recalled a woman who remembered how difficult it was to be the only woman in a boardroom.

“Politics”, their high heels

But why such a low number one? Because some see them as credible and functional – have women-led countries been able to better manage the Govt crisis? – but without less foresight and taste for success than men. A cognitive pro that dies hard. And due to persistent imposter syndrome in women “You don’t need to torture yourself to find out if we’re ticking all the boxes since those who found you have already explored your strengths and weaknesses.”, Recalled Isabel Hudon, Canada’s ambassador to France and former chairman of Sun Life Financial in Quebec. Because “politics” is their heel heel. “Women separate professionals more from friendships”, Describes Herminia Ibra, a professor at the London School of Business. ” CThis keeps them away from large informal circles and important people. “ Finally,Méka Brunel adds,Because ‘ “We have to forget about diverse tasks that make us physically weaker. Being the queen bee and believing yourself to be a superwoman is embarrassing. ” Cesina’s CEO believes it is the duty of society today to support women in their choices. “In these turbulent times, we have no time to waste.”, She notices the hammer, as she passes, noticing how much the women, within themselves, demand more. “It’s mostly a reproduction of what they’ve experienced. We have to go beyond that.” She believes that power is taken, not given.

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