Microscope formulas for zooming in on objects

Microscope formulas for zooming in on objects

The cold moon appeared in the skies of Indonesia yesterday on December 30, 2020. According to Laban, the peak of the full moon occurs at 10.00 WIB and the full moon in central and eastern Indonesia occurs at noon.

We often know that the full moon in December is a full moon or a full moon. Then a full long night moon or full moon night.

Cold full moon

With the introduction of Express, we know that the 13th and last dates of 2020 will be the coldest full moon. It is also based on the official report of the Royal Greenwich Laboratory.

The arrival of the season (winter) reveals that the full moon in December is what people call the cold moon. Then, there are other names like Long Knight Moon and Oak Moon.

Gold Moon’s full moon will experience a full moon phase or show its full face on Earth once a month. Most of the time then, the moon is not all ‘complete’.

Meanwhile, we always see the same part of the moon, but part of it is in the shadows. When the Moon, Sun and Earth are in perfect alignment, the Moon will be 100 percent full, causing a lunar eclipse.

Then, sometimes when the moon is blue, the full moon occurs twice a month or four times a season.

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The full moon happens on December 30th

This time, the cold lunar eclipse occurred on December 30, 2020 and appeared with a full ‘face’ the night before and after the peak time.

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The name or nickname of this event is Gold Moon. However, he also has another nickname due to cultural differences in each region and country. These events can be clearly predicted for all time zones.

The Moon will have the highest orbit in space. This will give the maximum look for a clear, cloudless night.

Then there is the information that the full moon is almost full, from the day it occurs until the night after the peak of the full moon.

Even the full moon of the cold moon is very easy to see. Then, you will easily see a clear view of the sky. Although artificial light disturbances such as lights and light pollution are rare.

This is because the full moon rises before sunset on the western horizon, and you will see it on the horizon before dusk. This Gold Moon event is one of the most important and rewarding events for stargazers.

Since then, it has also provided the best meteor shower event of December 2020. There was also a total solar eclipse, even Saturn, the largest conjunction of Jupiter.

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Full moon events throughout 2020

Apart from the Gold Moon moon, there are other events from the Full Wolf Moon to the Full Hunter Moon.

Full Wolf Moon: January 10

This phenomenon is known as the full moon event when many wolves roar outside the Indian villages in winter. This phenomenon is also known as the old moon or full snow moon.

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Because the eastern hemisphere experiences a penumbra lunar eclipse and the lower and middle sides are darker.

Full Pink Moon: 7 April

This pink moon appears in the sky in Boston, USA. Photographer Chris Cook captured a full moon appearing in red-orange at night. This is because there is dust and pollen in the air due to the dense foggy atmosphere.

Full Hunter’s Moon: October 31

This phenomenon is also known as the blue moon. Because at that time there were animal hunters looking for food after the harvest season.

They were able to catch the game easily because the fields were empty and they could easily find any roaming animals.

Full cold moon: 30 December

This is because when winter occurs in the northern part of the earth, it is a very long and dark night. Hence this phenomenon is also called long night moon.

This will signal good things to come in 2021, after the last cold moon full moon event in 2020. (R10 / HR Online)

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