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The site that has not been allowed in recent years, especially our beloved 2020, will never stop Netflix from surprising us with these original products. Take refuge in the sometimes small crazy ideas of some talented directors who have never been in cinema, the site again welcomes wonderful and unexpected films. So the editorial staff has selected its best original Netflix 2020 images for you, a short documentary has slipped above!

Hugo’s favorite Netflix 2020: Monk Presented by David Pincher

Monk This year has been one of the most exciting movie trips for me. Pincher gives us a real Journey to the past in black and white setting Very wonderful. It was with astonished eyes that I longed for this return to 1940s Hollywood, which turned out to be an attack on the Hollywood majors. An essential picture to understand the origin of Citizen Kane. Like all David Pincher pictures it demands, but spectacular! Don’t miss out!

Find the full review of Monk Check out here and his trailer:

Best Netflix Movie 2020’sEvan: Uncut gems De Joshua and Ben Safti

Netflix will be hit hard by choosing to stream internationally Uncut gems, One of the biggest budgets of the young independent studio அ 24 An exciting entry into American and international cinematography in recent years. Such studio has produced primary films The enemy, Former Machina Or Moonlight, To recite to anyone other than them. Netflix is ​​moving from their original, sometimes glamorous, often regular show with the latest film from the Safty Brothers, a natural and experimental legacy that directors carry on their shoulders.

Uncut gems Drowning us Diamond District, New York’s most closed district is famous for its jewelry stores. Impressive immersion in a skin Jewelry A Priory Antibody Jew, he will prove to be spectacular and striking, a Adam Chandler He lives amazingly and completely in one of the most beautiful roles of his career, playing elegantly with clichs often associated with the American Jew, and being greatly determined here.

The Safty Brothers, for their fourth feature film, present their second purely fictional work, playing with genres with stunning innovation. Exploring fiction with an artisan perspective is the essence of one of my most beautiful films of the year. A creative, dense cinematography in the antibodies of current films is innovative when it is part of the tradition New Hollywood, In Dark picture Passing through the dough is a characteristic Martin Scorsese (Executive producer of the film) and Freedom a John Casavets Very fond of their cinema.

Find our file dedicated to the Safty Brothers here and find the trailer for it Uncut gems :

Netflix 2020 Crush Emily: Prom De Ryan Murphy

With this Musical comedy, Netflix out of its comfort zone! It is run by Ryan Murphy, to whom we are indebted Happiness Or American horror story, So who knows the type well. With Prom, Which highlights LGBTQ + community, As he has done in the past, because this is a theme that especially touches him. The thing that is enough Honest This music, finally.

Based on a true story, it takes place in a conservative, Puritan Indiana city. Emma, ​​a young lesbian considering her sexuality, has been banned from her high school prom – a real company in the United States. In parallel, four Broadway celebrities, going from failure to failure, need to restore their image. For this purpose, they set up their vision of Emma’s story and came to the aid of a young woman performing in New York.

Despite some lengths, Prom One of the films we call Feel good movies. Covers, which is true Tolerance message. Joe Ellen Belman, Emma’s translator, Explode the screen For his first lead role, it was very natural, and surrounded by one Five star castings Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman (if not) with James Gordon and Andrew Ronalds. One thing is for sure, The whole cast shines in the musical scenes – Special note to Andrew Rennell Love the round. Positive And Lightweight, Prom Criticizes however Puritanism In some states – their intolerance – let that be clear as well Falsely involved stars.

Bright And Full of spirit, This music is my favorite for 2020 and will bring joy to your year end celebrations!

Find the full review of Prom Check out here and his trailer:

Best Netflix Movie 2020 Pauline: Behind our smoke screens Presented by Jeff Arlowski

As Netflix makes more and more documentaries, I will remember that one of them is specifically for 2020, which is my favorite: Behind our smoke screens.

In this year’s particular context, while social networks can detect the similarity of social life, voices are rising cautiously Against all this powerful artificial intelligence, their capture of the world in ways to capture, to operate, to capture. Let me take you through this analysis, between interviews with alumni from Facebook or Twitter, and fiction to explain words, in which all users and products of these sites can identify themselves, better and especially worse.

Arguments are sometimes linked to things that seem to be controlling the current political events, exaggerated but often exaggerated, using methods and advertisements to finally make it easier for us to understand. Our clicks, likes and retweets are not trivial, And the giants of social networking make us better train them to watch what they want when they want it. Consumption is the hell dance and the disconnected film of the world.

Definitely a very contradictory documentary from a site like Netflix, but it keeps an identity in my mind every time I open Twitter.

Find the trailer for this Behind our smoke screens :

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