Masked Singer: All traces and theories as fans form secret identities

Masked Singer: All traces and theories as fans form secret identities

The masked singer made her debut in the popular Surreal style on Saturday night, with six celebrities taking to the stage to show the voices hidden behind fancy dresses.

It was the series’ first shocking dismissal after pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bexter failed to rock the studio audience and crew in the guise of an alien.

Judges Davina McCall, Jonathan Rose, Rita Ora and newcomer Mo Gilligan failed to guess exactly where Sophie was behind the mask.

As the four struggled to acknowledge the true identities of the many characters, home audiences took to social media to post their predictions.

Here are some of the best guesses and important clues when The Mascot Singer Series 2 starts …


Since Robin was on stage for the first time, Moe could not comment on his “swag”.

The first pocket clues indicated that Robin might be an actor, with posters of the character on stage with a microphone in hand, “Ladies and gentlemen, please play with your hands together. Noise for Robin”.

Another clue was “I’m quick, light on my feet and ready to go the distance”, which prompted Devina to guess that she could be an athlete, while Jonathan thought they were boxing words. .

“I was trained and now I’m fighting for The Muscat Singer,” Robin added.

A sign for Albert Square was also shown, indicating the connection to EastEnders soap.

After his performance, Robin revealed another clue, “I may be a Robin, but I know how to fly without wings,” a reference to the West Life song Flying Without Wings.

Can confident Robin experienced pop star Bruno become Mars?

After his first performance, Mo guessed that Bruno was Mars behind the mask. Davina thought of boxer Barry McGuinness, but changed her mind as soon as she started singing for Amercan.

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Rita guessed singer Jung Philly and then thought it might be Dean Kafnie. Before he changed his mind about Noel Edmunds, Jonathan speculated that it might be Joe Wicks, Joe Swash, Joe Pascual and even Joe Brandt.

Fans believe that Robin JLS star could be Aston Marigold, X factor star Ally Mars or pop idol Idol Gareth Gates.

There are also theories about EastEnders stars Jack Wood and Sid Owen and football expert Chris Camara.


Swan traces separated the audience

Before his first performance, Swan said, “Swans may be known as beautiful birds, but when I think of Swans, I think of their loyalty, strength and independence. “

Jonathan felt that the word “freedom” referred to the fact that he was American. Swan said he was a “loyal person” before looking through a magnifying glass.

He walked through a ballroom, a group that thought it might be a treat for Strictly Come Dance.

He said there was something “royal” about the Swans and that they were always in a “quiet state”. Becoming a swan is like “creating a whole circle from where it started,” he said.

After the show, Swann told the team, “My profession is very respectable. ”

Is Michael Weiss behind Swann?


After his first song, he realized that references to America were pointing to the Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle or that the “quiet” person was Gordon Ramsay double bluff. Then he guessed Dame Darcy Puss

Rita guesses former Strictly star Michael Weiss when Davina thinks Swan Pussycat is Doll Kimberly Wyatt. Moe guessed American comedian Ruby Wax and fellow Pussycat Dolls star Ashley Roberts.

Fans at home believe that Swan singer Shania Twain or Girls is the loudest star Nadine Coyle.

Other speculations to date include Love Island’s Zara McDermott and former Crown Street star Michael Keegan.


Sausage’s true identity left judges were confused at The Muscat Singer tonight

After initially guessing that the celebrity was a male, Sausage left viewers stunned from the start, and turned completely when the character began to speak.

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Described as ‘the zombie and some fun sausage’, the hidden star was filmed pressing for their VD in the entertainment capital of North Blackpool – where they were positioned outside the famous tower.

Then the banger went to “Billy’s Burgers” for a snack. However, eagle-eyed visitors noted that one of the menu items undoubtedly read “Red Herring”, which led to a different path.

Could there be a soft-spoken “tomboy” Stacey behind the sausage?

Theories: After mentioning the name of the fast food stand and the description of ‘Dombay’, many took to Twitter to say that it could only be Billy Piper.

However, after the sausage showed his rising voice, it was actually Stacey Solomon – the one-time X-factor candidate who was nominated.

Others became suspicious after listening carefully to TV and theater star Sheridan Smith’s “breathing tones.”


Badger masked the singer-songwriter like an experienced actor beating a rock star swagger behind his mustache.

Giving the first clue, the wild creature teased, “Get off the board, but will this badger stand out from the crowd?” “

Further clues continued that the mysterious badger had enjoyed a long life that went unnoticed.

Fans thought it might be a badger by Mick Huck


Davina McCall thought Hollywood star Andy Sergis was behind the Cuddly character, but home audiences speculated it might be Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor.

Others have claimed that the creature in black and white is professional singer Mick Hucknall or Mike Skinner trying to confuse the audience with false traces.

Many fans joked that they had developed a passion for the cool, confident singer – but who was behind the mask?

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Who is behind the Cuddy Dragon costume?

Before their first performance, Dragon was walking around a castle, and their first words seemed to express an American accent.

“The thing about dragons is that they’re all fire and strength on the outside, but underneath they want to be loved,” the character said.

The dragon enters a dollhouse, and the wall falls to reveal the layers of money hidden inside, which Mo believes is a reference to the dragon’s den.

“Sorry, I feel like I have two left legs,” Dragon said.

He added: “I will try to behave better during this match, but I can not make any promises. The deal? “

When he said “don’t wander around” before laughing shyly, the group realized that it might refer to him as a drag queen. The dragon’s rainbow belly prompted the group to believe that an LGBT person might be inside.

After the first performance, Dragon said, “I may be beautiful, but sometimes I have intense anger. “

Could Courtney Law, the star of the drag race and the famous Big Brother, be the fiery dragon?


After the performance, Rita didn’t care who was in the dress because she was “so cute” because she “loves” him anyway. He guessed it was the modern family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Jonathan guessed Grand Designs star Kevin McLeott, while Moe thought Diane might be Diane Dublin from Dragon Homes Under the Hammer.

And Davina said she didn’t know if the dragon was male or female. He guessed it might be presenter Sandy Toxvik.

Fans believe Dragon Drag Race star is Alyssa Edwards or former Strictly star Susan Coleman. Other speculations include rapper Queen Latifa, HD Steps and comedian Sue Perkins. Others have predicted the Courtney Act of tug-of-war and American television presenter Ellen DeGeneres.


We do not have to wait long to find out who is behind the Alien

The first celebrity to leave the series was Sophie Ellis-Bexter

Sophie Ellis-Bexter became the first celebrity to be “out” this year after losing the first vote.

Many fans have claimed that the pop star understood that he was an Alien within seconds of singing.

Speaking after the show, Sophie said, “Yes, as most of you guessed it. It’s me and her #themaskedsinger. My one year old even pointed to the TV and yelled “Mom!” When I started singing in alien costume!

“A fun and tricky way to spend a few days and enjoy the rest of the show – no one knows who! She teased.

The masked singer continues on ITV at 7pm on Saturday

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