Subscribe to Disney +, HPO and Amazon Prime Video Series and Images for Free Subscribe to Disney +, HPO and Amazon Prime Video Series and Images for Free

Subscribe to Disney +, HPO and Amazon Prime Video Series and Images for Free Subscribe to Disney +, HPO and Amazon Prime Video Series and Images for Free

Are you bored of watching the same shows over and over again on traditional TV? It is true that these days of enjoying imprisonment, the small screen is one of the main hobbies for spending time at home. However, in recent years, the most ambitious TV products have been found on streaming sites, and the range of their series and movies is wider and more diverse than ever.

Despite this, subscribing to any of these services is easier and cheaper than you think. Such sites Disney +, HBO Spain And Amazon Prime Video There are thousands of entertainment options for all tastes, and above all, Absolutely free trial period. That is why we list below the benefits, list and subscription conditions of each of these services.

Disney +

Disney +

From the Disney + series ‘The Montalorian’.

In addition to providing a full list of classic and contemporary films from the Disney world The Lion King Or Frozen, New site Disney +It contains the products of all the owners who have become a part of the business. This is why you can choose from four of Picture Studio’s products and key products as needed Toy story And two chapters Incredible, With Marvel Universe Comrade Avengers And all images Star Wars.

But this new on-demand service also has new and exclusive content, which ranks first in the series in Spain. Mandalorian, Set in the Star Wars universe. The documentary series is available to fans of Marvel superheroes, especially the younger ones Project Heroes, In which many children who have made a positive impact on their communities are portrayed in their own comics.

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Disney + subscription has a monthly price 6.99 euros per month Or something Annual subscription of 69.99 euros. But if you still do not believe in subscribing, you can take advantage of a trial period Seven days is completely free. Includes the possibility to recreate the service content Four devices at once, Except as allowed Download any series or movie to 10 different computers See them without the internet.

HBO Spain

HBO Spain

Still from the HBO series “Chernobyl”.

Did you miss the big international success of? Game of Thrones? You still have time to marvel at one of the most ambitious TV productions in history. In HBO Spain You have eight seasons of the series, as well as other original titles on the American Network that have been appreciated in recent years, including West World And Chernobyl, And size classic Les Sopranos Or Thread.

In its interesting original list, HBO Spain also added popular series from other production companies. Current topics like this The story of the maidAll content from the adult adult cartoon channel Adult Swim, including the Hulu operating system, and popular Rick and Morty (May 3 open new chapters). For comedy lovers, two series are available, which are already TV classics: Friends, With its 10 full seasons, and The Big Bang Theory.

To start enjoying the HBO Spain list, you have a trial period 15 days completely free And without any commitment to stay. Then the subscription is priced 8.99 euros per month And it can be canceled at any time. You can download and run the content on mobile phones, tablets, computers, Vodafone TV, PlayStation Game console and any Apple TV or Chromecast TV Two devices at once.

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Photo from the “Jack Ryan” series, Amazon Prime Video.

The main role of Al Pacino Hunters Last major release Amazon Prime Video, Which has a comprehensive list of powerful and ambitious series. In addition to its most recent production, it stands alone with other major challenges Jack Ryan, A series of actions on international conspiracies uncovered by a CIA researcher. You can also find the story here Fantastic Mrs. Michel, About a woman who becomes a commentator, and about a documentary by a Real Madrid captain The heart of Sergio Ramos.

But the Prime video list is not just on the small screen; The collection of its images is also huge and varied. In its selection, you can choose from films that have been acclaimed in recent years as Oscar winners The Green Book And MoonlightAnd the classic size from the history of cinema The Godfather, Save private Ryan, Fight Club Or Gladiator.

The Amazon Prime video subscription is the cheapest of this type of operating system because of its price 4.99 euros per month Or 36 euros per year. The service can be canceled at any time, if you have not tried it before, you can enjoy it 30 days free. As if that weren’t enough, the fee also includes services Amazon Prime Use the free and quick delivery of your purchases and use the e-book list Important reading And more than two million songs Prime Music.

*Recommendations to ensure that online order deliveries can be made safely to distributors and customers include avoiding direct contact between the two, maintaining a safe distance, and washing hands after opening the store. Parcel. All distributors must be extremely careful.

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* All prices included in this article are updated until 04/17/2020.

** AS receives a commission for each subscription

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