Dev Patel Discusses Jordan Peeles Role in Securing a Theatrical Release for Monkey Man

Dev Patel’s highly anticipated feature directorial debut film, “Monkey Man,” premiered at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles to much acclaim. Originally intended to be streamed on Netflix, the film faced a major setback when the streaming giant deemed it too gritty for the Indian market.

Fortunately, Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele stepped in to rescue the film and brought it to the big screen. The movie had been quietly shopped around after being bought due to co-financier Bron Studios facing bankruptcy, causing delays in finding a home for the project.

Patel expressed his gratitude towards Peele for recognizing his talents beyond just being an arthouse actor, praising Peele for his smart genre filmmaking. Peele, in turn, commended Patel for his portrayal as a gritty action star in “Monkey Man.”

Filming the movie during the Covid-19 pandemic presented numerous challenges for Patel, who described it as the hardest acting he’s ever done, facing multiple injuries and setbacks. He credited his mother for inspiring him to channel his energy through martial arts, ultimately leading him to direct his own action film.

Despite the obstacles faced during production, “Monkey Man” was acquired by Universal for under $10 million. The movie is projected to open around $12 million at the domestic box office, showcasing Patel’s versatility as both a leading actor and filmmaker in the industry.

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