AFC-NFC Pro Bowl 2020 – Football America and the NFL

AFC-NFC Pro Bowl 2020 - Football America and the NFL

As a prelude to the apology for the 2019 NFL season, the Super Bowl LIV between San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Mayors will be held at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando on Sunday, January 26, at the Pro Bowl Theater, All-Star Game NFL, AF. Bringing together the best players from the C and NFC conferences, with the exception of the Knights and Chiefs, who will face each other a week laterHard Rock Stadium de Miami Gardens, Drive south for three hours.

Some information to shine in the evening

The first NFL All-Star game was played on January 15, 1939, between the New York Giants, the NFL Champions of the year, and the All-Stars team from the rest of the league. The Giants won 13-0.

The NFL Champions won the first four All-Star Games before the All-Stars’ first victory over the Washington Redskins in December 1942 (17-14). The event was suspended due to World War II and did not resume until 1951.

From 1951 to 1970, Pro Bowl played between American and national conferences, which in 1953 became the Eastern and Western conferences. Racing results: Two wins, one for the National Conference and 13.7 for the Western Conference.

With the merger between the NFL and the AFL in 1970, Pro Bowl acquired its current design and mergedBest players of AFC and NFC conferences. AFC leads the series 24-22.

There are only two extensions between AFC and NFC, both of which were won by AFC (23-20 in 1993 and 26-23 in 1997).

Following the 2013 meeting, the NFC (62-35) won easily, with league commissioner Roger Goodell threatening to remove the Pro Bowl if the players did not put much effort and determination into the meeting. The Players Association pleaded its case and received a continuation of the event with some design changes.

Therefore, between 2014 and 2016, teams were selected by captains during the fantasy draft. In 2014, Jerry Rice’s team defeated Diane Sanders’ 22-21; In 2015, Michael Irwin dominated Chris Carter 32-28; Finally, in 2016, Michael Irwin won 49-27 over Jerry Rice.

In 2017, Pro Bowl returned to the AFC-NFC clash. AFC has won the last three editions (2017: 20-13; 2018: 24-23; 2019: 26-7).

There can be no balance in the Pro Bowl. In the event of a tie, teams play several additional times required to nominate a winner.

Teams all play in red for AFC (jersey, pants and socks) and blue for NFC. Players wear the helmets of their respective teams. Multiple players on the same team can wear the same shirt number.

Pro bowlers are chosen by the votes of coaches, fans and players, and each vote is counted by one-third. Fans have been participating in this selection since 1995. Players selected for the Pro Bowl and teams competing in the Super Bowl are considered Pro Bowlers.

The coaching staff are the teams that appear in the first round of the playoffs with the best performance in the regular season. By 2020, these will be employees of Baltimore Ravens for AFC and Seattle Seahawk for NFC.

Players Country to Participate in Pro Bowl: For players of the winning team, 000 67,000 check is issued, while for losers, 000 39,000.

QBTom Brady, D.E. Tony Gonzalez, Cubbyton Manning, G.Guard
The man on the attack line is placed to the right and left of the center. He must protect the QB and dig holes in the RB.
Bruce Matthews, D.T. Marilyn Olson has set a Pro Bowl attendance record with 14 invitations, and both linemen have had all of their choices in an uninterrupted period.

Some numbers

Biggest wins: NFC 45-3 in 1984, AFC 41-13 in 1995.

Short wins: NFC 14-13 in 1978 and 201-9 in 1983, AFC 24-23 in 2018.

Crosscore combined: 100 points in 2012 (AFC 59-41).

Small Combined Score: 16 points in 1987 (AFC 10-6).

PlusIs largeNumber of points scored by a team: 62 points in 2013 (NFC 62-35).

Minimum points scored by a team: 3 points in 1984 (NFC 45-3), 1989 (NFC 34-3) and 1994 (NFC 17-3).

Specific rules of the Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl has specific rules that, in particular, control the risk of injury:

  • There was no “movement” or “shift” in the snap front attack
  • There must be at least one in the attack R.P.Running again (RB)
    A common term that includes HBs and FBFullback (FB)
    Powerful and versatile runner. He plays the role of blocker, catcher and bulldozer with a ball in his hand. Sets the halves (HB), running back (RB).
    And a TE in the field
  • There should not be more than two recipients of the attack on the same side of the field
  • The QBQuarterback
    He is a team strategist. He decides tactics with his coaches. He is responsible for passing the ball to his runners and filtering the passes to his recipients.
    The ball can be removed under any circumstances (“Deliberate landing” is allowed)
  • The defense should play 4-3
  • Blitz is not allowed, but games can be skipped if the defensive line is on the same side of the ball.
  • Blocks “blind” or below the belt are prohibited
  • No PAT or FG
  • No kick off, teams start their drives at 25 yards
  • The attack has 35 seconds to start its games
  • There should be a deep losoftile between the hashmarks at the time of snap
  • A team has 44 players
  • Each quarter and overtime ends with a “two minute alert.”
  • The clock does not stop at the incomplete pass, except for the last two minutes of each half and overtime.
  • A game is declared “dead” when the ball carrier is in a manageable position, and limited contact is allowed if surrounded by opponents.

2020 teams

Holders follow a star



AttackWR –

Diandre Hopkins * (Texans), Keenan Allen * (Chargers), Jarvis Laundry (Browns), Tyrik Hill (principals), Courtland Sutton (Broncos – re-created by Andre Hopkins, Blessing), DJ Sarkar-Jaguar , Super Bowl) OT –

Ronnie Stanley * (Ravens), Loremi Thunzil * (Texans), Trent Brown (Riders), Orlando Brown Jr. (Ravens – Replace Trent Brown, Bless)And –

Marshall Yanda * (Ravens), Quentin Nelson (Golds), David DiCastro (Steelers), Joel Pitonio (Browns, re-positioned by David DiCastro, Bless)C –

Marquis Bouncy * (Steelers), Rodney Hudson (Riders), Ryan Kelly (Golds – Re-Marquis Bouncy, Bless)TE –

Travis Gells * (Chiefs), Mark Andrews (Ravens), Jack Doyle (Golds – Transfer Travis Gells, Super Bowl)QB –

Lamar Jackson * (Ravens), Patrick Mahoms II (firsts), Deshan Watson (Texans), Ryan Danehill (Titans – Patrick Mahoms II, Super Bowl)R.P. –

Nick Soup * (Browns), Derrick Henry (Titans), Mark Ingram (Ravens)FB –

Patrick Rickard * (Ravens)

SecurityOF –

Joey Posa * (Chargers), Frank Clark (principals), Klose Campbell (Jaguars), Melvin Ingram (Chargers-Remlace Joy Posa, Bless), Josh Allen (Jaguars-place Frank Clark, Super Bowl)DT –

Cameron Hayward * (Steelers), Chris Jones (Chiefs), Geno Atkins (Bengal), Jural Casey (Titans – End Chris Jones, Super Bowl)OLB –

Van Miller * (Broncos), DJ Watt * (Steelers), Matt Jude (Ravens)ILB –

Darius Leonard * (Golds), Donda Hightower (Patriots), Tremine Edmunds (Bills – End Donda Hightower, Bless)CB –

Stephen Gilmore * (Patriots), Trey Davies White * (Bills), Marcus Peters (Ravens), Marlon Humphrey (Ravens), Joe Hayden (Steelers – relocated Marcus Peters, Bless)FS –

Minka Fitzpatrick * (Steelers), Earl Thomas (Ravens)SS – –

Jamal Adams * (Jets)

Equips spiralsK-

Justin Tucker * (Ravens)LS –

Morgan Cox * (Ravens)B-

Brett Kern * (Titans)KR –

McColl Hartman * (Chiefs), Andre Robers (Bills – tip McColl Hartman, Super Bowl)Special Team –

Matthew Slater * (Patriots)


CrimeWR –

Julio Jones * (Falcons), Michael Thomas * (Saints), Mike Evans (Buccaneers), Chris Godwin (Buccaneers), Amary Cooper (Cowboys -Rempleys Mike Evans, Bless), Kenny Collade (Lions-Ripley’s, Temples) Twentieth Adams (Packers-Remplese Julio Jones, Blessed)OT –

David Bakhtiar * (Packers), Tyrone Smith * (Cowboys), Terron Armstead (Saints), Lane Johnson (Eagles – Transfer David Bakhtiar, Bless)And –

Zach Martin * (Cowboys), Brandon Brooks * (Eagles), Brandon Sherf (Redskins), Troy Turner (Panthers – Replace Brandon Brooks, Bless)C –

Jason Gells * (Eagles), Travis Frederick (Cowboys)TE –

George Kittle * (49ers), Zach Erds (Eagles), Austin Hooper (Falcons-tip George Kittle, Super Bowl)QB –Russell Wilson * (Seahawks), Drew Breeze (Saints), Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers

(Packers), Kirk Cousins ​​(Vikings-Remlace Aaron Rodgers, Blessed)R.P. –

Dolvin Cook * (Vikings), Christian McCaffrey (Panthers), Ezekiel Elliott (Cowboys), Alvin Camara (Saints – Christian McCaffrey, Bless)FB –

Kyle Jussick * (49ers), CJ Hamm (Vikings – re-run Kyle Jussick, Super Bowl)

SecurityOF –

Cameron Jordan * (Saints), Nick Posa * (49ers), Daniel Hunter (Vikings-Rambles Nick Posa, Super Bowl)DT –

Aaron Donald * (Rams), Fletcher Cox * (Eagles), Grady Jared (Falcons), Kenny Clark (Packers-Rem Place Aaron Donald, Bless)OLB –

Chandler Jones * (Cardinals), Khalil Mack * (Bears), Shahul Barrett (Buchananers), Saw Darius Smith (Packers – Khalil Mack, transfer)ILB –

Bobby Wagner * (Seahawks), Luke Gucci (Panthers), Jaylon Smith (Cowboys-tip Luke Gucci, Blessing), Eric Kendricks (Vikings-Remlace Bobby Wagner, Bless)CB –

Marcion Lattimore (Saints), Richard Sherman * (49ers), Darius Slay (Lions), Jalan Ramsay (Rams), Kyle Fuller (Pierce-Ramples, Jalen Ramsay, Blessings), Xavier Rhodes (Vikings-Ramplays Richard)FS:

Buddhist Baker * (Cardinals), Eddie Jackson (Bears)SS:

Harrison Smith * (Vikings)

Equips spiralsK-

Will Lutz * (Saints)LS –

Rick Lovato * (Eagles)B –

Pressure Way * (Redskins)KR –

Deont Harris * (Saints)Special Team:

Cortarelle Patterson * (Bears)

2020 Teams (BIS)

At the AFC, the Baltimore Ravens’ thirteen selections are far ahead of the six selected Kansas City captains (will not participate due to the Super Bowl) and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

CD NFC, New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings lead each team with six caps.

The Miami Dolphins (AFC) and New York Giants (NFC) are the only teams not represented in the 2020 Pro Cup.

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