Giants – Browns (6-20): Baker Mayfield Ensen | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Giants - Browns (6-20): Baker Mayfield Ensen |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

New York Giants (5-9) – Cleveland Browns (10-4): 6-20

The Giants tried to be aggressive in the offense, but to no avail. Despite a fourth attempt at the start of the match, the New York attack didn’t really start. Opposite, Baker Mayfield (27/32, 297 yards, 2 DDs) delivered a successful match, distributing two touchdowns. Nick Schup (15 races, 50 yards, 1 TD) took Cleveland very close to first qualifying for the playoffs after 2002.

Management after the break

Curious, both teams attempted a blow in the fourth attempt of their first series. Results, two failures. But things started with the Giants field goal (3-0) and ended. Cleveland responded with a nearly seven-minute attack, stopped by Austin Hooper’s touchdown, and were alone in the final zone at the start of the second quarter.

After another defeat by the Blues on the fourth attempt, the Browns go 95 yards and Jarvis marks a few seconds before the laundry break (3-13, XP missed). The station wagon is done.

The second part of the competition was first about Kevin Stephensky’s management training for men. In the third attempt (9/13) the Browns accumulate the first setbacks and victories. More than eight minutes (3-20) Nick Sub adds a touchdown at the start of the quarter.

The last two packages are for running the clock. Gold McCoy (19/31, 221 yards), he did not win. G-Men adds a domain goal, but nothing more can be done.

As Cleveland approaches the final stages, the Giants ’mission continues to be complicated. Washington had a win, and Dallas overcame them by winning against 49 players.

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