Giant Cypriot: Biden slaps his fist on the table against Trump's "inaction"

Giant Cypriot: Biden slaps his fist on the table against Trump’s “inaction”

Piracy – The future US president is outraged by the behavior of his predecessors who played down the alleged widespread attack on Russia. The White House’s new tenant believes America can not be “without an answer.”

This time the tone is firm. The big Russian-accused cyber-attack targeting government agencies in the United States cannot stand “Without an answer”. Future US President Joe Biden on Tuesday denounced Donald Trump’s inaction. During a press conference, the Septuagint asked.Important results ” They are taken against those responsible “Responsible”.

Donald Trump’s indifference to this cyberdock, discovered on December 13, has severely annoyed the White House’s prospective tenant. “The attack took place under the supervision of Donald Trump, when he went unnoticed.”, Did he announce? Joe Biden really fears it “Failure” From its predecessor “Find out in advance” To “Door”. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture “Billion Dollars”.

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America chooses itself Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

What exactly is the meaning of his anger? The cyber-attack, condemned by the elected president, began several months ago, last March. The hackers used an update to monitor software developed by Texas company Solar Winds, which is used by tens of thousands of businesses and governments around the world.

We know that there are more than 425 of the 500 richest American companies among Solar Winds customers, but there are also big French companies. The cyber attack also targeted computer systems used by senior Treasury officials and hackers, a senator said Monday. Victims have been identified in other countries such as Canada, Mexico and Belgium.

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The unforgivable inaction of the White House– Mitt Romney, Republican Senator

All eyes accusing the United States of being in the guise of cyberbullying are turning to Russia. “This is a very important process and I hope we can now make it clear that it was the Russians who were involved in this operation.”Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said last Friday

And he is not only criticizing the old Russian enemy. The same story is on the side of Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who lamented Thursday “The silence and unforgivable inaction of the White House” Presented by Donald Trump. For its part, Russia has flatly refused to intervene.

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On Saturday, the US president will finally step down. But instead of condemning these attacks, he wants to reduce this massive cyber attack and the role of Russi.e. “Cypriot is more important in the media + fake news + than reality”, Had tweeted the US president. “Everything is under control. Russia, Russia, Russia, that’s the slogan when anything happens.“The American millionaire even noticed the addition:”It could be China (it is possible!). “

Justice Minister Bill Barr, who is on the verge of leaving the government, clashed again with the outgoing president on Monday, saying Moscow was to blame for the move.

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