The biggest secret hidden by his father from Serge Ibacca

Serge Ibaka NBA père secret

Welcome to this new series of articles. We are going to tell you about the wonderful and unusual fate of five NBA players. Five paths to the summit, starting from the bottom, from the bottom. Today, discover the amazing adventure of Serge Ibacca.

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Serge Ibacca was born in Presa, the capital of Congo, into a family of 18 children. Both of his parents are basketball players. He naturally begins to dream of an orange ball. During his childhood, a civil war struck his country and Serge had to leave his hometown, when he was only 8 years old.

This war is doing him great damage. His mother died when he was young and his father was taken prisoner. Serge learns basketball on the street and seeks refuge there to escape this horror. At the age of 17, he decided to win his dream: to go to Europe and Priscilla on the San-ed-Lower. After a season in the Spanish 2nd division, Ibacca attracts the attention of many NBA selectors.

The draft is on Air Congo in 2008. David Stern then wears the Sonics hat on his head in Seattle. Serge, who was selected in 24th place, decides to strengthen his game in Spain. He especially won the dungeon match of the Iberian League. In 2009, this was the big tab. He joins Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Horton in Oklahoma, where he transferred ownership to Seattle.

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He started his second season in the NBA and the Thunder are a very promising team. Quickly, Ibaka established himself as a highly capable defender. He finished the top blogger in the league with 3.7 volumes per game in his third season. It is well established that once upon a time in the world basketball elite an extraordinary story happened.

His father, Desira, gives him a shocking revelation. Serge will be the father of a little girl from the age of 17, who left Congo and moved to Europe. A few months after she leaves, Ibaka’s father finds out that a family friend is pregnant with Serge. He decides to keep this secret to himself. His goal: to give his son full focus and maximum in his life.

In 2015, Little Queen joined him for good in America to live with him. Is this story so beautiful? Serge Ibacca did not have an ounce of bitterness in his father’s choice.

I know he did this to protect me. He did not want any pressure to come to me.

It worked. After 10 years in the NBA, Serge wins his ring as luxury lieutenants for Kavi Leonard and Kyle Lowry in Toronto… This story is taken from the amazing moving video NBA Legendary. You can see the other stories below:

See you soon for the rest of this series of magical rules of the five NBA players. In the meantime, believe in your dreams. Because, as Serge Ibacca would like to remind you: “Anything is possible”.

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