Soul Legend Dion Warwick Trolls The Weekend & Chance The Rapper

Soul Legend Dion Warwick Trolls The Weekend & Chance The Rapper

Dion Warwick trolls artists on Twitter and they like it.

Famous singer Dion Warwick has joined TwitterWare and she is incredibly good. Since he became a ‘Twitter’, Diane has been bringing a new kind of trolling for left and right artists, which they greatly appreciate.

After the curiosity that his name left nothing to the imagination, one of Dion’s early victims, Sans the Robber, led it to be openly questioned on stage. “Hi, chancetherapper. If you are most obviously a rapper, why did you put it in your stage name? I can’t stop thinking about it, ”he tweeted. “I’m Dion the Singer now.”

The rapper happily replied to Dion that she was the soul that she knew who he was. “Sorry, you know who I am. This is amazing!” He wrote. The singer made a point, not seeing anyone coming, “Of course I know you. You are a rapper. Let’s rap together. I’m sending you a message, ”Dion retweeted.

Warwick also seems to be a fan of the rapper, who now says her favorite song is “Sacred” by Sans and Justin Bieber. Fans will definitely be thrilled if the iconic singer and rapper do a song together.

According to Dione the weekend was next, “I will come for you if you have‘ The ’in your name. I need answers today. The Canadian singer tweeted, “Weekend is next. Why? Is it not pronounced correctly? weweweeknd. The “Blinding Lights” singer was so moved that Dion said he didn’t care about roasting him. “I roasted Dion Warwick, I was honored! You did my day,” Weekend tweeted.

Diane finally clarifies, she jokes, whether it should be said or not. “It simply came to our notice then. Of course I play. Those talented youngsters are good sportsmen and very respectable! Enjoy your Sunday. Please be. “Artists are causing a stir everywhere because Dion Warwick has admitted them on Twitter. Taylor Swift even mentioned to the iconic singer, “I’m a big fan, I respect you so much, thank you for liking me so well.”

Warwick went on to check in on a video that actually contradicted the accusation of the “Neighbors” behind all the tweets he posted. The singer says his daughter-in-law taught him how to use Twitter and that he is “very good at it”. With the rumor-mongering video he wrote, “I came here to see the nonsense in my answers. I rush to an interview, this is the last thing I will say. Thanks.”

Well, it should be interesting.

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