Bengals-Dolphins fight: Three eliminated, Miami players defend Brian Flores’ involvement, learn more

Bengals-Dolphins fight: Three eliminated, Miami players defend Brian Flores' involvement, learn more

The Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals are engaged in a battle that has nothing to do with their game on the football field. A special teams penalty may have resulted in this year’s fight in the NFL because three players were eliminated in a fight, which led to the Dolphins head coach Brian Flores wanting action.

Defenders of the Bengals Shawn Williams and Dolphins wide receivers Dwayne Parker and Mac Hollins were sent off for their roles in the fight, which began after a late win over Bengal wide winger Mike Thomas Dolphins punt returner Jakeem Grant. Grant caught a muffled punt due to a kick catch interception penalty on Thomas – he was not eliminated from the game.

Grant, who was injured in the play, threw both of his hands into the air in search of the flag as it lay on the ground. When the play was over, players on both sides engaged in some pushing and shoving and punching, and Flores shouted at the officers as they tried to enter the fray.

Hollins received an illegal blind sentence to compensate for Thomas’ sentence. In addition to the three disqualifications, William Jackson received a Cincinnati penalty for incompetent behavior. The fight came after two other players (Miami Cornerback Xavier Howard and Cincinnati receiver Tyler Boyd) were sent off for an earlier argument.

At that moment Flores realized that he needed to keep his composure, but he would never rule out any chance of sticking for his players. The dolphins have had a reason to go to war for him since he came to Miami.

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“We have to do a great job of keeping our balance, it starts with me. I have to do a great job of keeping my balance. But, look, I’m going to stick for my players,” Flores said after the game. “They are going to stick to each other without penalizing each other and hurting the team, but as a team we have to do our best to maintain our balance.

“I’m going to be honest, these guys are like my kids. The first time, yeah. The second time I was a little upset about it, but I still have to do a great job. I have to do it. I can’t do anything to hurt the team. My emotions are so much better than mine. But then again, you’ll see me hit twice like someone who cares … but I have to do a better job. Keep my balance better. We have to do a better job than this as a team. “

Dua Takovilova praised Florus for retaliating on behalf of his players, who had come a long way toward chemistry in the Lower Room. Several Dolphins players supported their head coach, including Shock Lawson and Christian Wilkins.

“I think it speaks a lot to Flo’s character – you know how much it means to him, his player won, it’s not the first time. It’s the second time. It means a lot,” Takovilova said. “He’s not just a coach there. If his boy is injured, he will not let it go. He stands up for us as a team.

“You ‘re trying to protect not only him, but other people as well as Jakeem (Grant) and Watnut.

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