Barry Bonds: The best power hitter of his generation

Barry Bonds: The best power hitter of his generation

Before you disagree with me, read the title again. We are talking about power and more precise timing here. Yes, if I had to name the best hitter for the period 1980-2010, the first thing that comes to mind is Tony Quinn. If we combine power with performance, a name: Barry Bonds.

Major League Baseball has a history of more than 100 years, while the history of the home run king is only 22. Although we like to play and compare numbers in our favorite sport, we must not forget. Consider that in every era, every generation has its baseball. I can’t imagine comparing Barry Bonds to Babe Ruth and / or Hong Aaron.

Undeniable dominance

Nowadays, mentioning the name Barry Bonds still makes some people stand out, while others cause nausea. I know the guy was cheated and ineligible to enter the Hall of Fame. Retired since 2008, Barry Bonds, at the beginning of each year, stands alone when deciding whether or not he deserves his inspiration in Cooperstown. Of course, I will not discuss this today.

I want to clarify a few things. Barry Bonds was a great player, blessed with a talent and natural motivation that won him many personal accolades. 762 home runs, which go unnoticed. Those who refuse to recognize him, do not realize how good he is with a stick in hand, and especially how terrifying he was (deliberately with 2,558 career styles and 688 styles, no one has done better in MLB history).

Bonds began using syringes in 2000, 14 years after their introduction to MLP. He did not change his technique or pace: the ball always hit Barrel In the right place at the right time. The bullet was still traveling a short distance “idle”.

He can’t put aside the first three MVP trophies he won with the Pirates in 1990 and 1992 and the Giants in 1993 (he won with four more SF). Then ”.

We could even have fun removing the seven seasons he was MVP, and the shocking figures in life remain: 440 HR.

Barry Bonds, one, only

Barry Bonds is not Dead Williams (521 HR). Barry Bonds is not even Hong Aaron (755 HR) or Babe Ruth (714 HR). Most of us have never seen others play like that, so I can’t think of positioning you objectively. Of course Hong Aaron was hit hard, but unfortunately I did not see him daily.

I have watched baseball since 1986 and I have never seen anyone hit the ball so long and hard like Barry Ponds.

Ken Griffith Jr., Frank Thomas, Mark McWire, Sami Sosa மான Strong, but A tick Below the best in terms of the power and fear it imposes when entering the box on a daily basis.

Barry Ponds is unique, he is the best, best friends of the game of baseball, you can not deny it.

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