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John Bednarek scores for Southampton

Southampton host Manchester United this afternoon at St Mary’s Stadium in the Premier League. The Saints are flying high this season, sitting in fifth place with the chance to climb second behind Liverpool, at least until Chelsea and Tottenham play today. United are in 13th place, needing the impetus to win badly here.

It will not be an easy feat against a Southampton team to be unbeaten in seven league games. Like defenders Aaron van-Pisaga and Victor Lindelof, United have the motivation of Marcus Rashford, who is expected to pass the fitness test for the game, but Luke Shaw is out of Ole Gunner Soulscager. Southampton are still without leading man Danny Inkes, so Theo Walcott is set to continue to attack alongside side striker Che Adams despite a broken wrist.

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Southampton 2 – 0 Man UTD – Ward-browsing

33 mins: Goal! From one end to the other. Southampton won a free kick on the left side just outside the penalty area. James Ward-Bruce took a free kick, got it over the wall and crossed two inches inside a nearby post. David de Gea gets a hand on the shot, but can’t stop it from going inside.

Michael Jones29 November 2020 14:36


Southampton 1 – 0 Man UTD

32 minutes: What a saving! Alex McCarthy brings the ball to the edge of the box and Mason Greenwood leaves the ball. McCarthy stops the first shot, but goes to the ground. Bruno Fernandez makes a comeback, and he sends the right foot effort to a nearby post. McCarthy dives to his right from the ground and Man UTD gets his hands on the ball to deny a draw.

Michael Jones29 November 2020 14:33


Southampton 1 – 0 Man UTD

30 minutes: From the post! Walker-Peters brings the ball to the right side of the box. He goes towards the goal, Shot Matic takes a deflection and hits the distant post before going out of a corner.

Ward-Bruce knocked the set pieces into the area, but Bruno ண்ட Fernandez is clear this time.

Michael Jones29 November 2020 14:31


Southampton 1 – 0 Man UTD

27 mins: It’s totally against the flow of the game, but the Saints don’t care about that. Rashford chips a ball into the box to chase down Fernandez, but it goes towards the goal for McCarthy.

Michael Jones29 November 2020 14:28


Southampton 1 – 0 Man UTD – Betnarek

23 minutes: Goal! Simple. Southampton wins a corner, with James Ward-Bruce rolling a six-yard box. John Bednarek Marcus misses the rashboard and bounces the ball into the bottom corner. Southampton lead!

Michael Jones29 November 2020 14:25


Southampton 0 – 0 Man UTD

21 mins: This is very promising from Southampton. Dijenepo enters the box from the left and goes inside. Van de Peek destroys the ball, but the Saints beat it and quickly send it to Walcott. He takes it wide to the right and taps it on the cross that Maguire handles.

Michael Jones29 November 2020 14:23


Southampton 0 – 0 Man UTD

18 mins: Dallas Mann takes a corner for UTD, but Southampton handles it easily. The home page cannot continue with United. Dijenepo knocked down Von Pizza on the right. The free kick is thrown into the box, but McCarthy says it with confidence.

Michael Jones29 November 2020 14:20


Southampton 0 – 0 Man UTD

15 minutes: Close! Fred finds Rashfrott with a forward pass and squares it to Bruno Fernandez. He went from the outside of the box towards the goal and hit the outside of the distance.

Michael Jones29 November 2020 14:18


Southampton 0 – 0 Man UTD

12 mins: This is a good start from Man Utd who looks very sharp on the ball. Rome tackles Fernandez in his own half and Mann misjudges the UTD midfielder.

Michael Jones29 November 2020 14:14


Southampton 0 – 0 Man UTD

9 mins: Southampton have a short break as the United Defense try to regain its shape. Armstrong sends it to Walker-Peters flying on a cross. Adams takes a run in the box, but Maguire makes it to Man UT.

Michael Jones29 November 2020 14:12

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