Goals and Highlights: Tigress 1-3 Cruise Azul in Liga MX 2020 | 11/26/2020

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9:56 PM3 hours ago

93 ‘

The meeting is over and Cruz Azul makes a great match and goes home.

9:52 PM3 hours ago

89 ‘

Juan Escobar’s finish goes above and beyond Guzman’s arch.

9:47 PM3 hours ago

84 ‘

Another change of audience. Elias Hernandez replaces Ignacio Rivero.

9:46 PM3 hours ago

83 ‘

Misa’s shot, it rises into that area, but the ball goes straight into Corona’s hands.

9:45 PM3 hours ago

82 ‘

Nothing! The referee points out that there is nothing in the play.

9:45 PM3 hours ago

82 ‘

VAR! The whistle will check the hand of ‘Saga’ Rodriguez in your area.

9:43 PM3 hours ago

80 ‘

Cruise Azul is looking for a third one! Rodriguez was the best move to put the ball in his own door almost.

9:41 PM3 hours ago

78 ‘

Modification of Cruz Azul. Enter the Yoshimer Yot to Arberlin Pineta.

9:40 PM3 hours ago

77 ‘

Louis Quinones pointed out that Corona promises without problems

9:36 PM3 hours ago

73 ‘

Change of audience. Enter ‘Shaggy’ Martinez by Roberto Alvarado

9:34 PM3 hours ago

70 ‘

The goal of the sky-blue! After a superb pass from Arbelin, Luis Romo gets the ball into the area, returns and defines to get the third score.

9:33 PM3 hours ago

69 ‘

Uff! Aquino’s header to prevent Cruz Azul striker from contacting the ball.

9:24 PM4 hours ago

60 ‘

Incredible! Corona comes out, Pizarro shoots, the ball hits the crossbar and then Romo comes in front of it and pulls out another counter balance.

9:19 PM4 hours ago

56 ‘

Louis Romo! Aquino enters dangerously, but the defender follows the game well and he avoids centering the ball.

9:18 PM4 hours ago

53 ‘

Cruise Azul’s goal, goal, goal! Jonathan Rodriguez defines a great way into that area and with Nahuel outside the small area, he hits one in favor.

9:14 PM4 hours ago

51 ‘

Tigress is the center, but Escobar, who watches the play, crosses and none of the locals can contact the ball.

9:09 PM4 hours ago

46 ‘

Tigress Goal! Cats Surprise and Guido Pizarro ends with a title.

9:08 PM4 hours ago

45 ‘

Launch the plugin on Nuevo Leon.

8:51 PM4 hours ago

45 ‘

Finishing the first part, Cruz Azul won it at least.

8:50 PM4 hours ago

42 ‘

Dangerous play into the area, Kignok tries to contact the ball in front of the goal, but careful defense leads and prevents the shot from following its path.

8:42 PM4 hours ago

37 ‘

Dominguez’s good intervention prevents giggling contact with the ball into the corona

8:36 PM4 hours ago

30 ‘

Cruise Azul’s goal! The best collective play, where after Alvarado’s center, Escobar appears and sends the ball to the bottom of Guzman’s goal.

8:31 PM4 hours ago

26 ‘

What a play! Orbel was only entering that area, but he collided with Nahuel and followed the move, whistling that the player was being thrown.

8:25 PM5 hours ago

20 ‘

What a play! Good move by Jonathan Rodriguez who manages to get Guzman out of the goal, but Chalcedo leads and prevents a fall from the first.

8:21 PM5 hours ago

16 ‘

Cruise Azul saved! After Corona’s save, the ball bounces off the altar and the goalkeeper holds the ball, preventing the defender from scoring an own goal.

8:17 PM5 hours ago

12 ‘

Julian Quinones goes into the area and shoots, but the attentive ‘Keta’ Tomanzuez deflects the ball.

8:16 PM5 hours ago

11 ‘

Free shot by Kignok, but the ball is deflected and misses a clear shot.

8:12 PM5 hours ago

6 ‘

Uff! Louis Quinones’ first visit of the cats, but the ball chases the defenders and Corona gets the ball.

8:04 PM5 hours ago

0 ‘

The meeting begins at the university grounds.

8:03 PM5 hours ago

Silence for a minute!

Before the match, both teams observe a minute of silence in memory of Diego Armando Maradona.

8:02 PM5 hours ago

Cruise Azul: Lineup |

7:56 PM5 hours ago

Who deserves the respect!

7:36 PM5 hours ago

Everything is refined!

7:21 PM6 hours ago

Heavy artillery has arrived!

7:08 PM6 hours ago

Everything is ready!

7:05 PM6 hours ago

Stay here with us!

7:00 PM6 hours ago

How To Watch Tigress Vs Cruise Original Live TV And Stream

6:55 PM6 hours ago

Cruise Azul: Last row

J. Corona; J. Domanjuves, L. Romo, a. Ultrate, b. Aguilar, J .; Escobar; R. Pakka, R. Alvarado, O. Pineta; J. Rodriguez, s. Kimenes.

6:50 PM6 hours ago

Tigress: Last row

My. Guzman; C. Salceto, d. Reyes, F. மேசா; R. D’Souza, G. Pizarro, L. Rodriguez, J .; Tunas; A. Gignock, L .; Quinones, J .; Quinones.

6:45 PM6 hours ago

La Magvina wants to move forward!

6:40 PM6 hours ago

Get a start!

6:35 PM6 hours ago

Kick-off time

The Tigress Vs Cruz Azul match will be held at the Universitario Stadium, San Nicols de las Carsa, Envo Leon. The kick-off is scheduled for ET at 8 p.m.

6:30 PM6 hours ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s live coverage of the 2020 Liquila Liga MX Tournament: Tigress Vs Cruise Asul!

My name is Alan Nunes and I will be your guest for this game. We provide pre-game analysis, list updates and news here.

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