MLS Playoffs Game Threat: Philadelphia Union 0 vs New England Revolution 2, Final

Game Updates:

90 + 6 ‘- The game is over, but everyone heads after each other with a few words of glee. Successful season for boys in the blue, disappointing playoff game.

90 + 4 ‘- Pedoya is snatching at the foot. Arena recalls that there is only one minute left in the game.

90 + 2 ‘- Also, I believe that Bruce and Jim are not clearly focused on the new mask order in the state.

90 + 1 ‘- If you want to know the Reves strategy, Bruce Arena shouted “We’ll kill the game”.

90 ‘- Union has to do some magic here at stop time, there are still five minutes.

89 ‘- The Reves make a double switch here.

88 ‘- Bolster receives a yellow card.

87 ‘- Buchanan returns to the field to sell a luxury. They are now taking their time to restart the match.

85 ‘- Canadian Emmy performance to draw the wrong one near the right flag.

82 ‘- Union plays short of it on the right side, and it is easily defended by the Revs. Union was able to retrieve it and get a shot from the top of the box, which is saved.

80 ‘- Union need a lot of help and energy here for what the final 10 minutes of their season will be like.

78 ‘- The Reves are making a sub here, replacing Pou with Tommy McNamara.

76 ‘- Fontana replaces Cadiz. Fontana arrives and makes an impact with the cross that earns U a corner kick. The Reves can destroy it.

73 ‘- Wagner shows a yellow card for removing the branch.

72 ‘- Cadiz’s wonderful twist near the flag in the right corner and you can try a cross in the box, it goes out of a corner. The service is very easily secured.

70 ‘- With twenty minutes left, the union really needs to increase the pressure here. New England went to the corner box and Blake was able to save the ball. The Reves are still 2-0.

68 ‘- Ilcino arrives late for the ball and drops Caldwell into the Rews penalty area.

66 ‘- The Reves switch here as Kellin Rowe arrives in Bunbury

65 ‘- New England backdoor easily stops another attack.

63 ‘- Union holds a free kick from the right side, which is delivered right into the center of the box. Przybylko gets a head on it and it is saved.

62 ‘- Union makes double switch here Aaronson and Santos are pulled and replaced with Jack Elliott and Corey Burke

60 ‘- Union still tries to get an attack, but the ball goes out for a goal kick.

54 ‘- Santos shot blocked.

46 ‘- The game resumes at 9:16 p.m.

Ilcino, a half-time assistant to Martinez, arrives

45 + 1 ‘- Half Whistle. Teams go to the locker room at 9:02 p.m.

45 + 1 ‘- 1 minute stop time in the first half.

The nice change of 45 ‘- U kicks them into a corner. However the oscillation of the adjacent post is destroyed by the revs.

43 ‘- Wagner tries to push the ball forward to Monteiro.

41 ‘- Welf We got a good player on the pitch.

40 ‘- Martinez gets a free kick near the edge of the center circle. The union is showing some energy now, but it stops when Petoya calls for offside.

Side note: What is a UPC in the Toronto / Nashville game takes the Nashville W and sends the TFC back to Canada.

36 ‘- Cocker Precipilko, with a new energy, enters the book of Ref with a yellow card, doing a difficult task.

36 ‘- The ball floats in the box and Cocker Presipilco gets a head on it, but it is saved.

31 ‘- The first 30 minutes of this fame have zero shots on Union target, and less in the game they have. Not bad for a season, but one of their best this season, they sit 47%. In this match so far in their two crosses, the Zero Union players are on the receiving end.

30. Reves 2-0.

28 ‘- Union sends it with a corner on the right, but it exits.

25 ‘- Raves with a free kick from the right and lifts it to the center of the box, where Buxa takes it home. Updates to 1-0

23 ‘- Take a quick look at the out of town scoreboard … Nashville scored 1-0 out of 107’

22 ‘- Union Pushing Santos tries to cross the box from the right side of it, but the Reves handle it easily.

20 ‘- Shot from the top center of the box, it splits exactly like my golf swing.

18 ‘- Kessler holds a meeting with the ref. Arena feels the game should continue and Priscilla goes down to the pitch and holds her hand.

16 ‘- Martinez, who dived to get his head on the ball, is kicked in the head and the ball is now a corner for the Reves. Swings from the right side of the web and is destroyed by the union.

13 ‘- Martinez’s lazy and almost expensive income. Bowen’s shot is deflected and slowly goes to the front of the net.

12 ‘- Cadiz with slide tackle to give New England the first corner of the game. The service will be from the left side. Oscillates in the center of the box and is easily destroyed by the union.

5′- Aaronson gives Montero a bouncing ball to the right, he misses the shot.

3 ‘- The union, wearing blue instruments, protects the river here here in the first half. The initial attacks went up the left side of the field.

1 ‘- Playoff football takes place in Chester, kickoff takes place at 8:16.

Starting rows:

Philadelphia Union:

The New England Revolution:


Outside: Jack de Vries (M) – concussion protocol

Outside: Luis Guizeto (M) – Right knee injury
Outside: Christian Penila (F) – Fracture of the left leg

How to see

Where: Subaru Park – Chester
When: 8:00 pm, Tuesday, November 24th
Streaming: ESPN application, fuboTV *
* Brother has a partnership with Cam. These do not affect the editorial content, although Brother Game and S.P. Nation can receive commissions for products purchased through affiliate links.


Referee: Joseph Dickerson
Assistant Referees: Katherine Nesbitt, Adam Winkowski
Fourth official: Photo pasagos
Where: David Gander

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