Who is Sidney Powell, the lawyer whose Trump campaign is now distancing itself?

Who is Sidney Powell, the lawyer whose Trump campaign is now distancing itself?

US President Donald Trump’s election campaign has issued a statement dismissing Sidney Powell, a lawyer who has leveled unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud.

“Sydney Powell is following the law on her own,” Trump campaign lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis said in the statement.

“He’s not a member of the Trump Legislative Council. He’s not a lawyer in the president’s personal capacity.”

The announcement came one day A judge has dismissed a campaign case seeking to prevent the victory of President-elect Joe Biden in Pennsylvania., November 3 is a major blow to Mr Trump’s efforts to reverse the election loss.

But what led the Trump legal team to release this report?

Here’s what you need to know.

Who is Sidney Powell?

Former federal lawyer M.S. Powell took charge last year as Mr Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s key lawyer, who pleaded guilty at special adviser Robert Mueller’s trial in Russia.

Although Mr Trump’s legal representatives now say he is not officially a member of the team, Ms Powell has been mentioned by several senior Republicans and even the president.

Mr Trump referred to Ms Powell as one of his lawyers In a November 14 post on Twitter.

“Rudy Giuliani, Joseph Dijenova, Victoria Donsing, Sidney Powell and the really great team Jenna Ellis have joined our other wonderful lawyers and representatives,” Mr Trump tweeted.


Attending a press conference on Thursday, Republican strategist Boris Epstein tweeted: “I am proud to be a part of the குழுrealDonaldTrump Legal Committee press conference today!


Mr Giuliani also retweeted his post.

What are his allegations regarding voter fraud?

He made the headlines when he spoke at a press conference with Mr Giuliani and Ms Ellis on Thursday local time.

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Without providing any evidence, he said electronic voting systems had turned millions of votes in favor of Mr Biden.

In his unsubstantiated claim, he said that changing the outcome of the election was a foreign conspiracy.

Dominion voting systems, smartmatic technology software, And software that goes not only to the Dominion but also to other computerized voting systems here was developed under the direction of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, who ensured that he never lost an election after a constitutional referendum went his way. Come out, “he said.

“One [the software’s] The most characteristic feature is its ability to flip votes. ”

“It could set up and run a nationwide run to get a certain percentage of votes from President Trump and overthrow President Biden.”

There is no evidence Dominion systems Mr Trump shifted the vote to Biden to count the votes.

A report released by the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, the federal body that oversees US election security, said there was no truth in claims that the votes cast for Mr Trump were altered or eliminated.

In a subsequent interview with Newsmax, Ms Powell accused Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp and its Republican Secretary of State of being part of a conspiracy to involve the voting system. .

“Georgia may be the first state I’m going to explode, Mr Kemp and the Secretary of State should go with it,” he said, adding that there would then be a lawsuit he planned to file against the state. Biblical “.

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The status of that case is not clear.

A Fox News editor condemned Powell for his allegations

Tucker Carlson, an influential Fox News presenter, criticized Ms Powell for lack of evidence to support her claims in local time on Thursday.

“He never proved that an actual poll was illegally moved by software from one candidate to another. Not one,” Mr Carlson said.


U.S. Senator Johnny Ernst, a Republican from Iowa who was re-elected in this month’s poll, said Ms Powell’s allegations were “offensive” on a Fox News radio show.

As for the setback for Ms Powell, the Trump team is now moving away from him.

Ms. Powell has not yet commented on the statement issued by Mr Giuliani and Ms Ellis.

So who is really on Trump’s legal board?

Mr Giuliani and Ms Ellis are currently Mr Trump ‘s two main lawyers.

Ms. Giuliani said at the same conference as Ms. Powell’s that Democrats had abused non-existent and postal ballot systems during the presidential election.

He admitted that he had no evidence of such action.

Mr Trump’s other personal lawyers include Joseph Dijenova, Victoria Donsing and Jay Segulo.

The former is Florida Attorney General Pam Pandey, He also served as a former special adviser to the president.

Those members are part of Mr Trump’s personal law committee, while Pat Cipolon serves as a White House adviser to the “president’s leading lawyer.”

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Mr Sipolon was not involved in the election voting challenges.

“The White House’s advisory office advises the president, the president’s executive office and White House staff on legal issues related to the president and the White House. This office is often said to sit at the crossroads of law and policy, and politics,” the White House website said.

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