Tokyo Medical Association calls for cancellation of Olympics |  Olympics

Tokyo Medical Association calls for cancellation of Olympics | Olympics

In days After the Doctors Association, Now the turn of a leading medical organization to issue a statement against hosting the Tokyo Olympics scheduled for July 23rd. The Tokyo Association of Medical Practitioners, which represents 6,000 primary care professionals, said hospitals in the sports host city were “busy, almost without inactive capacity” in the wake of the outbreak of Covid 19 infections.

– Photo: Getty Images / AFP via Kasuhiro Noki

– We urge the authorities to convince the IOC (International Olympic Committee) that it is difficult to host the Olympics and to get their decision to cancel the Games – The association said in an open letter on May 14 to Prime Minister Yoshihide Chouka published in your publication on its website on Monday.

According to Japanese experts, the country is experiencing a fourth wave of Covid 19 cases, reaching six thousand cases daily a few weeks ago. In Tokyo and eight other provinces, the government extended the state of emergency until at least May 31. The number of cases is currently 3,500, which shows a reduction. Vaccination continues slowly in Japan, with 3% of the population having immunizations.

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