How to move animal crossing islands to new switch with ACNH transmission tool

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If you are playing Animal trafficking: New frontiers When sharing the Nintendo Switch and layout (and an island) with family members, we hope this story stays a familiar one. As parents and children get out of bed early each morning and begin to shake the trees, there is a rivalry between siblings or generations. Or there may be disagreement over how to decorate the island. Maybe, just maybe, there is competition to play time for other games where the rest of the family is not in island life. Glad, animal crossing fans, Nintendo heard your request.

As part of the winter update, Nintendo has released Animal trafficking: New frontiers Data transfer tool. If continuous competition had made you pick up a new Nintendo switch and another copy of the game, you can now move your islanders or even an entire island to another console. To make transfers, you need two switch consoles and two copies of the game. At Nintendo EShop, download the Animal Traffic Transfer Tool that is required for most of the features released by Nintendo.

Animal crossing transmission tool

To get started, launch the Animal Traffic Transfer Tool on the source and target Nintendo Switch consoles. An easy one Step-by-step guide It happens through the process of moving the stored data from one Nintendo switch to another. The transmission device can only move an entire island with its occupants and supplies. A simple step-by-step guide guides the entire process, with the result that the data is moved from one switch to another. No two consoles can have the same data.

On the other hand, moving a resident by themselves occurs in the game’s settings menu. To get there, open the games and open the settings menu by pressing the minus (-) key in the left joy con. Tell Tom Nook that you want to move a resident to another switch and he will run the process.

Delight Island-Residents, Cloud Backup and Restore is here!

But what if the switch with the island is no longer accessible? Backups of even the data stored in the game are always a good idea, and finally Nintendo Cloud Backup is restored. This feature is only available to active Nintendo Switch online subscribers. The user account who wants to change the island must also have an island resident. You can not back up your storage only if others have switches on. If the switch is already broken, lost or stolen, it is too late. Uploads cannot be run remotely.

Cloud Backup

To enable cloud storage, access the Settings menu as mentioned above. Tom Nook will walk you through this process, and the console will automatically upload the data whenever the stored data changes. There are some limitations to this process. For one, island data cannot be retrieved to another switch. If the computer is serviced by an authorized Nintendo service center, players can perform the recovery process themselves.

If the console dies and you buy a new one to start playing again it is frustrating for a player. Instead, players who have purchased new consoles should contact Nintendo for some assistance. This is not the first time Nintendo has lagged behind when it comes to online services. Contact Nintendo to reset purchases from both Wii eShop and 3DS eShop. It would be nice if Nintendo was a little more forgiving – the hardware would break down from time to time.

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However, if the system is serviced by Nintendo, the process is straightforward. Get started by signing in to the new Nintendo Switch with the same Switch online member now Animal trafficking: New frontiers. Hold down the minus button as the black screen with the Nintendo logo appears, and the game will prompt you to reset the storage from the cloud. Not only does the upload switch require an online subscription to be active, the expired one cannot download data. If the subscription expires in the interim, you will need to re-register before retrieving the island.

At the very least, having a backup of game storage data is a relief as players approach eight months of island life. Even if you need a little help from Nintendo, accessing the backup allows players to pick up where they left off. However, we are very excited about the ability to move residents to the new console. It should get rid of a small domestic conflict. You can see How to guide Nintendo, here For more details.

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