Gucci Mane and Geese: The End of the Ice Age

Gucci Mane and Geese: The End of the Ice Age

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Important hip hop conversations took place in the back of my English literature class. We were in 10th grade, the age of critical thinking, and all our thoughts went to DI vs. Ludacris, Lil Wayne vs. J-Z and Young Geese vs. Gucci Mane.

Of the three match-ups, I noticed that you might be a fan of two Carters and no one would make a big fuss. Praising TI and Luda as two uniquely talented Southern artisans raises eyebrows, but it is not a punishable offense. But, in no way can the line between the final pair be controlled. If someone asks, “Jesse or Gucci?” They expect a direct, definite answer. You had to wear your luxury like an article about clothing, the invisible t-shirt couldn’t pause you for school wear, but we all know you have it and you can’t take it off.

Watching social media revisits the conversation between Young Geese vs. Gucci Mane in preparation for the upcoming Versus match on Thursday (Nov. 19). It took me back to Sophomore, junior and senior year. When that was the highlight of two countless Rob Royal Rumbles. I still remember how Gucci activists would swear on the Son of God The movie Better than that is the Gangsta Grills Mixstop Trap or die. Geezy Co., the 2005 flagship label debut of Geezy Co. Thug motivation101, An untouchable classic, far superior to every man-made album by Rodrick Davis.

Then the discussions will be endless back and forth – song against song, album against album, mixstep against mixstep. No opposite side will come. No one will agree to accept this. The unshakable rigidity of our ideas, reinforced by their current conflict, lasted until graduation, which was fun compared to the new year when their infamous 2005 collaboration “IC” hit Atlanta Airways. Ringtones and radio were barometers to measure the popularity of a record, and the “ice” echoed immediately. You’ve heard phones ringing infections outside of hallways, lunch tables, classrooms and school buses. If you cut the local hip hop and R&B radio stations V-103 or Hot 107.9, the “IC” will end at the tail, closing Lilville’s autotone chorus, or at the beginning, as Gucci Mane la Flare asks, “Where’s the snow? Where is the yo chain and yo ring? Yo where? ”

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Although “Icy” is Gucci’s record, GC’s opening verse drew double attention to them. Born in South Carolina, the Atlanta-based underground rapper was a hot street artist at the time. To begin the song he quotes a Zenga tower, which, as JC knew, was a great opportunity to greet a wider audience, not wasting a single ounce. Even his self-reference way of identifying himself – ”You do better than you know, man, my hood they call me Jesse the Snowman, do you get it? Available? Jesse the Snowman, I went out, plus I got snow, man”- An unforgettable introduction to a man of original character and intricate charm.

Strong Performance Born in Alabama and raised in East Atlanta, the newcomer did not steal the song produced by Saidowan, who follows the well-crafted verse of unforgettable pride – “I Icy, so mothers like to be fussy, like Gucci when small children grow up”- It stuck to our brains like it was wrapped in velcro. Each of the songs brought this bigger image more home than life, which made the absurd sound better. At the end of his verse, you know Gucci Mane, women will kiss on his chain rather than put their lips on him. Gucci Mane, the super rich – with so much money in his pockets he couldn’t walk smoothly. Gucci Mane, simply unforgettable.

It is rare to see the outrageous single feature of two underground artists with all the bells and whistles of an instant success, but “Ice” is a flawless introduction. An infectious earwax from unknown voices, the teeth prefer a golden color and the neck frozen with low hanging diamonds. Larger than 46th on Billboard’s Hot 100 – this route in the south seemed too big for us in the south. The song could have continued to climb if they hadn’t fallen on Def Jam. , GC’s main label, Desire on the Single TM101. But, no Gucci, this is my post for my independent debut, Trap house, Which was released in 2005. This led to a “stay” that collided with GC’s slanderous Gucci Dis DI’s “Asap”, which ended up with $ 10,000 in his ice chain. Gucci reacted harshly with “Round 1”, accepting beef as their inevitable confrontational trend.

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The accident occurred on May 10, 2005, when Henry Lee Clark III died and was shot by Gucci Mane, who was shot four times by gunmen. The news that Clark had joined the rapper under the moniker Boogie Lock, combined with Geesey and his label CDE (Corporate Thux Entertainment), and since then, “ice” rappers have been locked into an ice age. Dis posts, interview shadow, cool shoulders, disrespectful tweets – every way two men can fight spread between them. Looking at Nass and Jay-Z, 50-Cent and The Game, Meek Mill and Drake Squash, their upholstered beef has not changed my fortune.

Death, tax and conflict with Jesse Gucci are the life guarantees I count on. They are Batman and the Joker, Democrats and Republicans, The Falcons and the Saints. That’s why we, the Dumbass kids, were so stubborn in choosing one. Their rivalry is beyond friendly competition. They had a problem they never solved. A beef deeper than the rap, yet, could not separate the rap from them. The music united them and widened the musical divisions. Now, 15 years from their outrageous collaboration, rap and friendly rivalry bring these Titans together in one room, airing their classic clash on the world stage. Versus, in my view, does the impossible, controlling a gap that opposes closing. Today, if all goes according to plan, the “ice” era will come to an end.

With the arrival of Versus, the webcast series, produced by producers Dimbaland and Swiss Beats, is a return to the feeling you had when you had fun discussing, discussing, and disconnecting music in high school. Each match will take you to a different time. You do not remember the songs they read. You remember how they felt about you. The thought they left behind. It doesn’t matter if you love them or hate them, they played on the radio, in clubs, at 106 & in the park and shared with you, friends and family. It means something. The warmth of Versace is what makes this fit seem unreal. You would not expect two gladiators who fought in the Colosseum to have their final clash in an arcade, but 15 years later, how else could it be?

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By the time we get to see 20 rounds of young Geese vs Gucci Mane, my forecast is 13-7 Geese. He was the rapper I chose in high school, and he is my choice now. Only a few rappers can compete with him in the battle of street anthems. Gucci is a legendary street rap legend, but Versus is not fruitful. It’s a challenge that celebrates those with the biggest challenges, not who created the most waves. Either way, it will be one of the history books. One night confirmed with all the unexpected events 2020 has brought our way.

So, when you hear Gucci play “IC”, remember that he started like that, a bunker, a classic, a hit, whatever you want to call it. Then. It’s an unforgettable force, you make people talk.

Let the next Young Geese vs Gucci Mane conversation be a fantastic one.

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