Hummels says Globe press conferences in Dortmund, Borussia are ‘a nightmare’

The German defender fondly remembers his former manager’s path, but he was also eager to show his support for current boss Lucian Pavre.

Defender Mates Hummels says Jurgen Klopp’s media involvement in Dortmund, Borussia Dortmund was more like a nightclub than a press conference.

The Liverpool boss earned his name in seven years at Dortmund, winning two Bundesliga titles and reaching the Champions League final.

Globe’s personality is never far from the headlines because of his passionate scenes on the touchline or his sense of humor with the press.

Hummels says current boss Lucian Powrey has a very different approach – but that’s not a bad thing.

“After seven years of press conferences with Globo in Dortmund, we’re used to saying, ‘It’s not really a press conference, but a night – time show,'” Hummels said. Sky Sports. “[Favre] Not wanting to reveal so much, he can back off, but you have to switch if you are looking for entertainment Procyphene [a German television network] 8:15 p.m. ”

Globe’s press conferences have not lost their entertainment value since moving to the Premier League, describing the recent support for injured Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk as “like a good wife waiting while her husband is in prison”.

Hummels was speaking after Dortmund beat local rivals Schalke 3-0 in the River Derby on Saturday. They pulled away from a disappointing Champions League defeat in Lazio at midwick, and Hummels was eager to throw his support behind Fawcett.

He said: “I think he’s a good coach. We really enjoy working with him, but as a player I do not think it’s good to get down to these things. There are others who are responsible for that.”

Dortmund have now won three games in a row without conceding in the Bundesliga, sitting at one point above the table with five games.

They have come under a lot of criticism for their performances in Rome, but midfielder Julian Brand says such knee reactions are part of the territory of a large club.

“I’m used to it,” Brand said. “After a bad game or failure, it can quickly lead to unrest. It’s very normal. The boys and staff can handle this. We have some, some of the best games this season. We will all come together this season, including the coach.”

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