‘F’ Connie West tells ‘SNL’ Isa Ray President

'F' Connie West tells 'SNL' Isa Ray President

On the October 17 episode of “Saturday Night Live”, guest host Isa Ray, who plays a lawyer for the NAACP, vowed to vote on “all blacks” election day – but when it came to the presidential race, he said, “Virgo? ‘F’ him. “

(Kanye West actually appears as the Vice Presidential candidate on several ballots, including California, with Roque “Rocky” de la Fuente as the Presidential candidate.)

The sketch, which interviewed Kenan Thompson as the host of “Your Voice Chicago” talk show as Rain Jameel Demings and Ego Navodim as a journalist, appeared to be part of a play on Ray’s infamous comments, he won the 2017 Emmy Awards But as the sketch continued, his ability to vote for black candidates was clear, and would bring about the right kind of change.

He explained, “For a long time the voices of our people have not been heard. It is our duty to stand together and regain our strength.” And a young black woman who runs to the local office without an experience asks, “Why do we need her?” Race Demmings, who heard about a millionaire in the race, first said, “How can such a rich man know anything about us? Money corrupts the whole system.” When he heard that the Black candidate was a millionaire, he highlighted, “I’m so excited about it. Our society needs more entrepreneurs like this. ”

Soon enough, it was not so easy for the Black candidates to back down, and Rain Demings found the best possible ways for her. Chris Red has been transferred as the owner of a former strip club, he was caught for tax fraud, but still runs for the compiler. “He knows the structure and all the holes,” he said.

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When Bungee Johnson and Maya Rudolph portrayed a conservative duo, they not only ran illegally on the same ticket, but they also broadcast live about “how the mask dies”, and Rain Demings took a second and then used their curiosity. “We need more interest in politics,” he said. “We want someone who works in the real world.”

When Thompson pointed out that both women were unemployed, the answer was, “We have to give them jobs and raise them.”

At the end of the show, Ray thanked SNL for saying his congratulations and reminded everyone to “get out of there and vote.”

“Saturday Night Live” airs Saturday night at 11:30 a.m. from beach to beach.

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