Florida vs. Texas A&M Score, Takeaways: Defeat Axis Gators for the first five wins under Jimbo Fisher

Florida vs. Texas A&M Score, Takeaways: Defeat Axis Gators for the first five wins under Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher finally had a success as coach of Axis in his third season at Texas A&M. No. 21 Texas A&M beat 4th Florida Gators 41-38 on Saturday as Seth Small reached the 26-yard field goal and it was time to send Kyle Field off frantically. This marks Fisher’s first victory against the top five opponents since he was hired by Tamu in 2018, and it brings a recovery after questioning the success of Fisher’s tenure after the project’s 52-24 defeat against No. 2 Alabama last week.

The loss was a gut punch for Florida, which had a chance to win late. With the Gates at 4:30 left in the built-in game, Malik Davis quickly moved the ball into midfield before stumbling. DeMarvin Leal of Texas A&M fell on it. From there, the Aggies took advantage of a newfound success in the running game and headed for the field-goal range and a massive victory.

The win puts Aggies’ first and S.E.C. in the top five teams at Kyle Field since 2002. Texas A&M quarterback Glenn Mont 338 yards, passing 35 out of 25 with three touchdowns and no interruptions as he consistently exposed the Florida defense, which was the worst at SEC by three games.

However, it was Isaiah Spiller who made the game stand out. Axis Sophomore, who was running back, rushed 27 times for 174 yards and dominated the second half with a pair of touchdowns as his team rallied from a 28-17 deficit.

Florida quarterback Kyle Trosk passed 312 yards and 32-for-four touchdowns, but the star tight end was limited due to an injury to Kyle Pitts ‘leg as the Gators’ passing game cooled in the second half.

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Uncontrolled running

Four starters withdrew their attack and when Spiller returned to his sophomore season, the Aggies looked like a team that could run football. They performed reasonably well in a season-opening win against Vanderbilt, but mostly fell to the ground against Alabama. But at the start of the third quarter on Saturday when Aqees’ passing game finally hit a trickle, they turned to Spiller. He delivered in an important way.

After Texas A&M trailed 28-17 and Florida struggled to stop the offense, Aggies handed the ball to Spiller. He took 13, 23, 13 and six yards in four games in a row. When he finally needed a breath, Aqees simply gave the ball to Aeneas Smith. He picked up 9, 5 and 6 yards and led Axis into the red zone. Spiller finished the drive with a 3-yard scoring run, thus setting the tone for the rest of the game.

Spiller took Aqees 31-28 with 12:35 left as he was 12 yards out. In all, the Texas A&M ran 385 yards, and Spiller did most of the damage.

Shaking positions

The loss of Florida left Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee as separate teams to lose at SEC. But as the Bulldogs and volunteers play each other on Saturday, that number will drop to two by the end of the day. This is not a good indication of the depth of the league. But that shouldn’t come as a complete shock when you see that many teams are already facing losses in the fourth week of the season.

The Gators were not previously scheduled to play for Texas A&M. But when the League 10-game, conference only moved to the schedule, it added two league games to each team’s schedule. Gators lost easy wins against eastern Washington, southern Alabama, New Mexico and Florida, and added Aggies and Arkansas instead.

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Kyle Field ‘Filled’

Florida coach Dan Mullen Told reporters Kyle Field after a “packed” game. His claim was backed up by images from the television broadcast, which showed dense crowds of fans across the venue with 102,733 seats.

“We hope management allows us to build the swamp.” Mullen said.

It will be interesting to see if the Texas A&M atmosphere puts pressure on governors and university officials in other states to ease the current attendance restrictions caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. The Florida government has lifted attendance restrictions on sporting events in the state of Ron Desantis, but university officials remain Not sure Do the same.

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