‘Lego Star Wars Holiday Special’ is a glimpse into the life of Rome: TV Review

'Lego Star Wars Holiday Special' is a glimpse into the life of Rome: TV Review

It’s hard to figure out which of George Lucas ’“ Star Wars ”works is the most ridiculous, the prequel trilogy or the infamous holiday special.

The most ridiculous affair of 1978 featured the worst performances of leading actors Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford and Gary Fisher, and it was set on Kashik’s Wookiee planet, where Sevpoka and his family (Itch, Malla and Lumpy, I Didn’t Make You Baby) Day of Life Celebrating the annual festival.

After some loving quotes from John Favreau in “The Montalorian” and some warm reminiscences from Hamil (who recently tweeted, “That discussion was the worst thing I’ve ever seen & I was in ‘The Star Wars Holiday Special'” was the first spark between Donald Trump and Joe Biden In terms of), the audience is once again treated to a lifetime holiday extravaganza.This time, any character can be attributed to each character being made by Lego.

Starting Nov. 17 Disney Plus, “Lego Star Wars Holiday Special” is set after the “Rise of Skywalker” events, when the first order is absent, Thanks-Mass, sorry, brings peace to the galaxy in time for Life Day.

When Bo breaks his Lego gut and makes a fuss about the festivals, Ray threatens to spoil the fun by embarking on a journey to a Jedi temple in order to make Chevy and his fur family the best life day ever. There, she hopes to find a key to the “Star Wars” constellation, which could open her and Finn’s future.

Of course, she has discovered a magical stone, which is basically a huge success of “Star Wars”, throwing a dying star in the lap of Luke Skywalker, their way to an elevator Jedi congregation with Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker.

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However, being cast in “Star Wars”, the dark side is never far off, and Rain’s clumsy time-travel warnings warn Darth Cidius and Darth Vader of his new power. Mark a fast, multi-dimensional fight between Ray and Vader, which should be at the top of the list of Lightsaber duo in terms of sheer scope (albeit in Lego format).

This Lego-iFight version of the “Star Wars” events gives a similar chin tone to the owner of “The Lego Movie”, leaving a lot of room for the Skywalker saga especially for self-deprecating and humorous one-liners in a way. A little less in a slack.

Expect plenty of good-natured jobs in the iconic “Star Wars” lines, characters, and the convoluted and often unprovoked nature of the plot.

Anyone who has played the Lego Star Wars video games or watched countless short series and special remakes (most of which air on the Cartoon Network or Disney XT) will be well aware of visual opportunities such as Ray cutting off his hair to avoid a fin. Incorrect light saver oscillation. The appearance of a baby yoda is also gross.

However, by analyzing the lighter holiday season, one cannot help but feel like making the best use of Finn, Poe and Rose Dico (the latter being voiced by Kelly Marie Tron, while others are playing with a set of animated “Star Wars” voice over veterans) Millennium for Life Day It has all the appearance of a classic mechanical watch except it wound itself up.

At the end of the (life) day, “Lego Star Wars Holiday Special”Is a fun, self-contained adventure that feels like a few bricks short of a full” Star Wars “load. It will keep the Lock Down Blues in the Gulf for 40 minutes, but it certainly will not cure the awkward uncertainty of the fans as the next title scroll marches on the big screen.

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