What will Ivanka Trump do next? Can Donald Trump run for president in 2024?

What will Ivanka Trump do next?  Can Donald Trump run for president in 2024?

Ivanka Trump has tied her entire career to her glorious father – but now that her presidency is dead, the focus is on what she will do next.

The 39-year-old has been employed Donald Trump First consultant since 2017 with her husband Jared Kushner.

In her role, the three mothers focus on the educational and economic empowerment of women and their families and job creation and economic development through labor development, skills training and entrepreneurship.

But following Mr Trump’s shocking election defeat, the family left the White House in January and now the focus is on Ivanka Trump’s strategy.

Ivanka’s CV

Ivanka Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004 with a degree in Warden School of Business.

The following year, he joined the family business Trump organization, overseeing growth and acquisitions with brothers Eric and Donald Jr.

M.S. Trump also introduced his own lifestyle brand, which includes fashion, accessories, jewelry and other products, and has written two best-selling books. Trump card And Working women.

Mr. Trump was also a boardroom judge on the reality television show, Trainee.

Now her diverse career background has given her options for the upcoming opening day.

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Career change

One of the most obvious options at the table was Trump’s return to the organization, particularly Ms Trump’s, which, according to her previous White House biography, helped guide some of the company’s largest and most complex transactions.

However, she may choose to avoid that path, as the business – and her father – continue to face legal proceedings.

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Another option is to return to his own brand, but that too is unlikely as it will close in 2018 as a result of his White House involvement.

The less obvious career path may be reality television, says one source OK! Newspaper The first daughter has been overwhelmed by offers in recent days.

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“You have to remember that reality TV made this family superstars. It was appearing Celebrity training Next to their father, Donald Trump, It made Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric the prime time stars, ”a source told the Associated Press.

“It should come as no surprise that children are returning to reality TV, and even Ivanka being a family member gets more benefits from it, including interest. Dancing with the stars. ”

But the rumor mill is increasingly heading for a fourth choice – following in his father’s footsteps and launching his own presidential campaign for 2024.

President Ivanka

A Facebook page titled “Ivanka for President 2024” Many Republican supporters are said to want to see someone from the Trump family Joe Biden Back in 2024, Ivanka and Donald Jr. are favorites if their father withdraws himself from the race.

More and more commentators are talking about potential President Ivanka in four years, Australian National University marketing lecturer Andrew Hughes told News.com. His actions following the election defeat provided a major clue to his presidential plans.

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The first daughter had a long list of secret weapons up to her sleeve, which meant she could pull it off.

“She’s the best of the trumps to take a run in the future – she’s young, she’s got a sophisticated picture. Republicans I like to portray, “he said, adding that his gender, the status of social media activists and celebrities would give him a significant edge.

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“Famous politicians have a tendency in politics around the world – people want a leader with glamor even if there is something left or right or in between.

“With industry politicians who have arisen through the trade union movement or business lobby groups, we do not know who they are until they are suddenly pushed upon us in an election, but the way politicians have a modern involvement is that we feel like we already exist because they are more accessible.”

Mr Hughes predicts that Ms Trump will spend time before a fictitious appointment to carry out high-level charitable work with select, brand organizations and to engage with think tanks to improve her image when it comes to public affairs and policy.

She said she may have worked in fashion, property development or hotels to elevate her personality as a self-made success story independent of her father.

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Mr Hughes said Ivanka Trump’s deliberate silence in the wake of his father’s election fraud allegations also indicated political confidence.

“She will need supporters to help her in 2024, so she’s not going to burn the bridges or come out publicly in one way or another – she will not want any words to come out that could be used against her for the first three years now,” he said.

“She has time up to the sleeve – she can wait to lay the foundation. She doesn’t need to go big loud.”

Meanwhile, Mr Hughes, Eric and Donald Jr.’s father’s voice support have the benefit of showing family unity, while allowing their sister to remain calm and avoid harming her own prospects from the path, which will benefit the entire clan.

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“It’s a smart move – sons protect their father, but even if they can’t win the next election, it would be better if one of them wins, which means they will be closer to power anyway,” he said.

“If you can directly affect power, why should you be in a high job?”

Donald Dummy Spit

When Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, he received 306 election college votes compared to his 232, but lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes.

At the time, he declared his victory a “landslide” – but this time, despite losing the popular vote, he refuses to accept the results. Joe Biden More than 4.5 million votes so far.

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Most importantly, Mr Trump received just 214 electoral college votes in comparison Democratic Party Recommended Joe Biden 290.

To win a U.S. election, a candidate must receive a significant 270 electoral college votes to claim victory, and while the three states of Alaska, Georgia and North Carolina are still in the polls, they make no difference to the final result.

Mr Trump has repeatedly, without any evidence, accused his Democratic rivals of trying to “steal” the election by making unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud.

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