The PP urged Pedro Sánchez to follow the US example

In Spain, the electoral campaign for the July 23 legislative elections has entered its final phase. A week before this big meeting with a referendum, the People’s Party is reiterating its promises to “amend” Pedro Sánchez’s support for the Moroccan autonomy plan for Western Sahara. On Saturday, July 15, the position expressed by MEP Esteban González Pons, one of the trusted men of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, president of the PP In an interview Awarded to La Vanguardia.

“We are going to return to the relationship with Morocco that we had before the famous letter, why it was written, who wrote it and for what purpose no one knows. We are going to return to a policy with Morocco according to the UN Security Council resolution and agreed to in the Spanish Parliament, and we are going to restore the relationship with Algeria,” he said. He said. Last week, the leader of the PP reaffirmed his plan to “return to balance between Algeria, the Sahrawi people and Morocco.”

When the PP criticized Sánchez’s support for the Polisario in 2021

Ponce, one of the candidates to lead Spanish diplomacy in a possible PP government, refused to “consult the United States” before “cancelling” Pedro Sánchez’s decision on the Sahara. “Spanish policy on Morocco is a Spanish affair, to be discussed only in the Spanish Parliament,” he said in a patriotic tone. “I don’t think the Biden administration has anything to do with” Sanchez’s support for the Moroccan autonomy initiative in the Sahara. “It has a lot to do with Pegasus stealing his cell phone information,” he added.

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Feijóo’s and Pons’ promises are all part of an electoral environment in which the scenario is allowed to sway the PSOE. Reports contradict the analysis of his colleague José Margallo, PB, MEP, former Head of Diplomacy (2011-2016) on the crisis in relations between Rabat and Madrid following his hospitalization in April 2021. Polisario in Spain. Pedro Sánchez does not understand the international context. After Trump’s declaration (recognizing Morocco of the Sahara, editor’s note), it became clear that the Moroccans were going to put pressure on all European countries,” he explained in an interview with Iberian media from May 2021.

“Spain must examine its position regarding the Sahara in the light of the geopolitical environment that is developing after the declaration of the United States and the foreseeable moves of the European countries. As the circumstances change, I will change my mind. We must adapt to the new environment. This is an issue that we begin to think about, This needs to be resolved,” Markalo insisted.

The last practical announcements made by the Foreign Minister from the People’s Party are still the topic and the geostrategic context has not changed. To the chagrin of former Secretary of State Aranja Gonzalez Laya, the Biden administration did not amend Morocco’s recognition of the Sahara signed by former President Donald Trump on December 10, 2020. Even better, many Europeans, including Germany and the Netherlands, have given their support to the Moroccan autonomy plan for the Sahara, as planned by Margalo.

The bulletin “Penínsulas” published by La Vanguardia this week revealed that “PP Rabat guaranteed that nothing substantial will change” on the Sahara issue once Feijóo was appointed prime minister.

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