Valencia vs Real Madrid, 2020 La Liga: Predicted series

Valencia vs Real Madrid, 2020 La Liga: Predicted series

Visit to Real Madrid Valencia Business only seemed to be a matter of concern, but Los Blancos announced this Saturday that they had tested positive for the corona virus against Eden Hazard and Casimiro, making the Madrid squad too thin ahead of the upcoming FIFA break.

Real Madrid Predicted XI: Cordois, Vasquez, Warren, Ramos, Mendy, Valverde, Cruz, Motric, Vinicius, Asencio, Benzema.

Valencia Predicts XI: Jam, Vaz, Ballista, Killaman, Gaya, Musa, Solar, Rasik, Cheryshev, Maxi, Quitus.

Cosmiro and Harm are two undeniable openers and the midfielder does not even have a clean replacement on the team, although it looks like Foede Wolverte will play deeply into the midfield today with Cruz and Modric. Odeguard has returned to the squad and will be able to play a few minutes on the right wing, while Madrid have so far failed to find a consistent contributor this season, while Vinicius will be hurting the left wing.

How to Watch, Stream La Liga

Date: 11/08/2020

Time: 21:00 CET (local time), 03:00 PM EST.

Location: Mestalla, Valencia, Spain.

Available TV: Pain Sports (USA), Movistar La Liga (Spain)

Available streaming: Pain Sports Connect (USA), Fubo.TV (USA).

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