FA Cup Live Updates: Eastbourne Borough 0 Blackpool 3 (Latest Score)

They're up for the Cup at Priory Lane this afternoon
They arrive for the cup on Priory Lane this afternoon
They arrive for the cup on Priory Lane this afternoon

Danny Blur’s side is still holding the 1953 Cup winners, in League One, in front of the authorities not only in Priory Lane, but watching a large TV audience on PD Sport.

After Jordan Lawrence-Gabriel teased him, Boro had an initial fear when a left-footed shot from the center of Blackpool’s Sulle hand box hit a post.

Boro responded with some pressure of their own, with Charlie Walker scoring two titles towards the goal, but they did not bother the pool keeper.

Kaikai hit a post for the second time after moving quickly to the right.

Borough’s best chance in the early stages was James Ferry sending Greg Louer only with keeper Chris Maxwell, but he was denied. Then Franco Ravicholi led Kenny Tagal to a tough push.

It was an end to the cup tie, next to the Eastbourne threat when Walker forced a block from Daniel Greatersen after Chris Weltale set him up.

After Gary Madden came up with another half-hour mark with a 30-yard try for the Blackpool – Ravi Soli landed well to deny Jerry Yates as the crowd increased pressure.

Madin and Yates were on target with more effort and Eastbourne had trouble catching the ball at any time.

Gratterson could not get a header late in the half, and the break came, and the keeper was hit with nothing.

Blackpool started the second half after finishing the first half – on the attack.

Wheeldale’s name was first written in the notebook written by referee David Rock for the late challenge – no arguments at the end. A few minutes later the wheelchair was replaced by Charlie Kendall.

Blackpool took the lead in 58 minutes. James Husband found the room on the left and bounced the ball into Madin, who fired across the corner into the far corner of Ravisoli.

Blur made a second change, replacing Dean Cox with Joel Rollinson with 25 minutes left.

Blackpool quickly advanced to 2-0, second only to his side after Boro’s head painter Madin led his own and Yates ball into his path.

For Boro it was a long way from there, but they fought for their arrival.

Game Pushing. Kendall breaks, but he rolls the ball wide from the edge of the area,

They won a free kick on a good area on the left, but Chris Maxwell had Hammond ‘s low ball. A few minutes later the deputy went through Kendall Brock, but he rolled the ball wide from the edge of the area.

With nine minutes left, Blur made his final change, bringing in Leon Gravada to replace Walker.

These changes were not enough to give Eastbourne a way back into the game, and Louir made a reservation as time ran out in the dream of a spot in round two.

Blackpool vice-chancellor Daniel Kemp also went into the book for a challenge on Kravata – but created it by setting up Blackpool’s third, which played at Yeats beyond any doubt.

Blackpool: Maxwell, Lawrence-Gabriel, Expedita, Gretterson, Husband, Hamilton, Dougal, Durton, Kaikai, Yates, Madden. Substitutes: Sims, Mitchell, Ward, Kemp, Andy, Howe, Lupala.

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