The Northwest Ambulance Service is announcing a major incident due to the high volume of 999 calls

The Northwest Ambulance Service is announcing a major incident due to the high volume of 999 calls

The Northwest Ambulance Service has announced a major incident due to high volume calls.

The service covers one of the UK’s most affected areas by the corona virus that has spread to Greater Manchester.

The service, however, said there was no evidence at this point that the calls were related to Spike Covit-19.

In an official statement, it said it was traditionally busy with ambulance service on Mondays, but it was not clear what caused today’s uprising.

The ambulance service said it was “exceptionally busy” on Monday evening and warned patients to expect delays.

“We have announced a major incident due to high volume calls,” a statement said Monday night.

“If your call is not life threatening, you will be asked to look for an alternative source or go to the hospital.”

The Northwest Ambulance Service announces a major incident

“We are trying to reach patients as soon as we can,” the North West Ambulance Service said in a statement.

The service called on people not to have an ambulance unless their condition was life threatening.
Paramedics also asked how long the ambulance service would not call people back.

As stated in it Manchester Evening News, Employees have agreed to cancel all breaks for two hours due to a busy night.

The service is believed to have been compromised by isolation paramedics due to the corona virus.

The ambulance union also urged people not to let the call service flood.

The NWAS Union tweeted: “Please help our team by calling only when we really need it.

“They are running bad right now. They will come to you as soon as possible. Please consider using 111 first. Thank you.”

NWAS Unison branch secretary Jeff Gorman said the group had never handled a situation like this before.

“We’re obviously getting into winter pressures, which is always the busiest time of the year,” he said.

“Things are very bad at the moment because of the impact it has had on Govt and resources.

“Many of our members are not isolated, which naturally results in fewer ambulances on the road.”

He said NWAS was open with Unison about the pressures facing the service.

Mr Gorman added: “To be fair to the management team, they are completely open and looking for ways to increase the number of ambulances there.

The ambulance union issued a request to reduce the pressure on staff

“It’s so serious. I’ve been here 30 years and I never knew anything like it.” They did not easily announce a major incident. Usually we deal with explosions. “

Tonight the official report of the ambulance service asked patients to “bear with us.”

Since then it has dropped the number of calls since it announced a major incident, thanking the public who listened to its plea.

It said: “If your call is not life threatening, you may be asked if you can look for an alternative or go to the hospital on an alternative route.

“You can help us reach patients who urgently need our help by not calling 999. This condition is life-threatening or life-threatening. Do not call us to find out where your ambulance is or cancel any ambulance you no longer have. Need or feeling necessary.

“We try to reach out to patients as soon as possible. We apologize for any delay in our response. Please be patient with us.

For medical advice, go to 111 online. “

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