Preview, predictions, what to look for

Preview, predictions, what to look for

Costello’s call

Do not reconsider this. Jet planes are terrible. Chiefs are great. It quickly becomes ugly. It’s hard to imagine any situation where jets keep this close.

Chiefs 41, Jets 10

Marquee fit

Chiefs R.P. Levian Bell vs. Jets coach Adam Case

These two will not be on the field at the same time except in hot seasons, but the focus of this game will be more. Case and Bell never joined Bell in a short time with the Jets. Case never got the team that Bell signed his objections to. Bell twisted about how Case used him. This led to an ugly divorce, and Bell was released two weeks ago. He went down with the chiefs, and here we are now.

Is Case worried about Bell coming out to show him?

“Yeah, I’m sure he’s worried about winning a game, time,” Case said. “Most players worry about that. They ‘worry about’ hey what do I do this week to win my team ‘, so I’m sure he’s going to worry about what he’s doing.

Levian Bell and Adam Case
Levian Bell and Adam Caseஆபி; NY Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Four downs

Mahoms Mantra: Let’s put it this way: In a short week the Jets could not beat the NFL debutant Francois backup QB Brett Ribein. How do you think this is going against Patrick Mahoms, one of the best quarterbacks on earth?

If the chiefs turn the ball… the Jets’ only hope in this game… a lot. Don’t believe it. The Mahomes have had only one interception this season and have thrown 16 touchdowns. Jets can’t let him show up on them or it could be uglier than we can imagine.

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“It will be a tough challenge,” defender Henry Anderson said. “He has to do a good job of making sure the plays don’t stretch. He’s obviously very good at the pocket, but when he expands the plays out of the pocket and forces the DPs to cover those fast toads, it becomes even more complicated for those fast recipients. We have to keep him in our pockets, we have to put pressure on him and make his life miserable there. “

Dead Zone: The Jets are the worst red zone team in the NFL. They have hit four league-low four touchdowns in a league-low 16 trips to the Red Zone. They left points on the field against the Bills last week, settling for a field goal in the first run and then failing to convert the fourth and 1st.

The Jets can move the ball over the chiefs. Kansas City’s fastest defense is ranked 30th in the NFL, allowing 149.9 yards per game. Important is that jets transform any red-zone opportunities into touchdowns.

Getting a revolving door: The Jets will be without the top three recipients again this week. This has become a familiar issue for the team, which does not have its planned top three recipients on the field once this season. Preshat Perryman (concussion) and Jamison Crowder (hip) will not play on Sunday. That means Jeff Smith, Proxton Perios and Rookie Denzel Mims will be the starting players.

“It simply came to our notice then [Darnold] More than anyone, this is a different team, but for a lot of people I think it’s a great opportunity, ”said coach Adam Case.

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All adolescents: Last week the Jets saw their first act in their draft class Mims, Maggie Pecton returned to the lineup and Lamical Perrin got the heaviest workload. That’s the rest of the season. Can the Jets find some players they believe will be contributors next year and beyond?

“Obviously they are good players, we drafted them for a reason,” Dornold said. “We come here and draft them to make plays. You know what they do with each play when they get there. So, they ‘ve been doing a good job so far. We look forward to continuing to contribute and do better in our crime.”

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