Dionde Wilder to Tyson Fury

Dionde Wilder to Tyson Fury

Earlier this year the WBC heavyweight titleholder spoke publicly for the first time in a second fight with Tyson Fury, accusing Fury of loading gloves and calling on him not to respect the terms of the review in their contract.

In one Twitter video and three subsequent tweets, Wilder feared Fury would not honor their deal. The comments come a week after Fury announced he planned to fight in London on December 5. Fury and his co-promoter Frank Warren recently expressed suspicion that a third fight with Wilder could take place in 2020.

Many previously thought that the third fight between the two would take place in December.

“As you pass your dark time, I said I would give you a title shot if you put yourself together. Because I am the man of my word, I gave you the title shot,” Wilder wrote on Twitter. “When that fight was a draw, I told you I would reconsider. You know I was paid more to fight. [Anthony] Joshua than I fight you. Again, being the man of my word, I fought with you as I said.

“In the review agreement, there was a reconsideration rule. Now, instead of you trying to get out of a deal, it’s time for you to respect your word as a human being.”

Wilder entered the first fight with Fury with a 40-0 record; That fight ended in a draw. In the Feb. 22 rematch, Fury D.K.O.W. won the seventh round when Wyler’s coach Mark Breland threw the cloth.

In his Twitter video on Saturday, Wilder called Fury “a thief” who cheated without showing his majesty. He also accused Fury of using gloves mounted on both fights. He accused Ricky Hutton of seeing Fury in the corner during the first fight, “pulling down your gloves to keep your fists in an improper position.”

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“I tried the same method a second time, but this time you scratched the flesh from my ears, so there was blood in my ears,” Wilder said. “A new 10-ounce glove cannot bend, hold a crushed shape, or hold loose.

“I hope you have something hard on your glove, the size and shape of the egg weight. This is the side of my face that is swollen in the shape of an egg weight. It’s left a cloth on my face, as well.”

ESPN’s Mark Kriegel spoke with Bob Bennett, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, who said Wilder’s allegations that Fury had an item in his gloves were “completely false.”

Bennett said there is a protocol for gloves in championship fights and that the gloves are factory stamped and delivered to the commission 72 hours prior to the fight. They are then sealed and inspected. The fighters take off their gloves after weighing, and then the gloves are re-sealed, and the fighters cannot see again until the night of the fight in the dressing room with an NSAC inspector in the room.

The gloves, Bennett told Creeley, were never alone.

Fury previously denied the request for mounted-gloves. In an Instagram post in June, Fury wrote that after Wilder’s brother suggested that Fury should have one of his gloves, Wilder’s coach Jay Dees was in the room and tested Fury while he was wearing gloves with his hands closed. For the accusation to be true, Fury wrote, Dees must be in it.

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“So everyone quotes the wrong game, bulls —,” Fury wrote in the post. “Next time I’m going to put a dent in his boxing career, I’m going to finish it, because it’s going to be two knockout losses in a row. Bye, bye forever.”

In his Twitter video on Saturday, Wilder accused Breland of throwing him to pieces, calling him “unfaithful”, and criticizing referee Kenny Palace for stopping the fight. Wilder announced earlier this month that he and Breland had split up.

When the fight stopped, Fury landed 82 of 267 punches, compared to 34 for 141 for Wilder. When the fight was stopped in the seventh round, Fury was leading 59-52 on two scorecards and 58-53 on three.

“In the end, he threw a crab-in-the-bucket referee and a treacherous coach to pieces to stop me,” Wilder said.

He ended the video by saying “Babyback is coming”.

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