Theo Maldives’ impressive saffron action!

L'impressionnante action à la Kawhi de Théo Maledon ! NBA

The holder again against the Rockets, Theo Malitan was very strained this Wednesday night. So the Frenchman decided to manage the defense, where he shocked the poor Victor Oladibo by the action of Kavi Leonard.

In the opening 5 for a few games, Theo Malidan has a chance to get a lot of experience through Thunder. Proof of his status as a player, he has changed between good and bad since this change, but we imagine that his coach was satisfied with him. The Frenchman took his chance and did not hesitate to do anything to win the tournament.

Recently he has a good 6/6 and one behind the bow New career achievement as a bonus. But this Wednesday night, against the rockets, he had a very tough night with 2/12 shooting.

Theo finished with 6 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds but above all 6 thefts! A major achievement in defense where the leader shone, which allowed the city of Oklahoma to capture Houston: 104-87. As a bonus, the Frenchman gave a good streak against Victor Oladibo, who also recalled Kavi Leonard.

The ball is completely torn from the hands, without any respect. If the action is reminiscent of saffron, it is because it is the usual kind of winger of clippers. This is what he did to poor de Aaron Fox last week:

In short, a good move from Theo Maleden. The latter shows itself nowhere other than attacking, which can be very effective in difficult shooting evenings.

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