Mid Romney’s game is about running … again

Mid Romney's game is about running ... again

If they ever name a street after Mid Romney, it must be a way.

Donald J. How was Romney’s latest announcement that he could not bring himself to vote for Trump as president.

Another pathetic RINO disappointment as governor of Massachusetts is that Cove, like Cow Charlie Baker, will not say whether dementia will put his ballot for Joe Biden.

At least the final game with Willard Mitt Romney will always be clear because it will never change. He still dreams of being president.

In fact, just as the MID proudly announced its “current” vote in the presidential race, CBS “News” comes out with a story: “Republicans are preparing for a possible ‘post-Trump world’.”

Available? After the loss of the Republican Party in 2008, Mittens is going to pick up the pieces.

Willard strongly believes that voting against the current president of the most popular Republican party since Ronald Reagan is a good career move.

Can he be more precise?

Not a good tactical mid. His verdict on Trump is clouded by the extreme hatred he holds against 45.

Bottom line: Romney can’t stand the fact that Trump won running for president for the first time. Mitt ran twice in 2008 and 2012, but it was more than that.

Remember, his father, Michigan Gov. George Romney, was very fond of winning the 1968 GOP nomination, but murmured about being “brainwashed” while he was in Vietnam.

So the Romneys, father and son, are 0-3 in presidential matches, and Trump is 1-0.

Then there are the similarities between the Mid and Trump. They were born nine months apart. Trump is 74, Willard is 73. They both went to Ivy League schools. (Ben and Harvard). Although their fathers were both millionaires, and the Mittens still earned a few hundred million, Trump became a millionaire.

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Of course, their general images are somewhat different. Mitt always imagined himself to be Dudley Two-Right. Trump, not so much.

Mid Pear had a fake Twitter account called Telecto. Can anyone imagine that Trump wants to dilute his brand by using a fake name?

Unlike Trump, Mitt is someone who counts his every move. When he was governor, Mitt never pardoned or changed any sentence. (Willie Horton did not like his post.)

For judges, he always chose a lawyer. It seemed safe (but certainly not).

The final warning was exposed in mid-2011 at an early GOP presidential debate. He was asked about his territory in Belmont using an illegal group. Romney said he read of the riot:

“Look, no illegal work can be done on our property. I run to the office in order to beat. ”

Georges Clemensio once famously said of Germany, “They are in your throat or at your feet.”

It describes Mitt’s relationship with POTUS.

At Trump’s feet: In 2012, when he needed approval (as Trump later recalled, Mid flew to Vegas to beg). He then campaigned for the post of Secretary of State after the 2016 election. (Trump ate frogs’ feet at a French restaurant in the Tower). Voting for Amy Connie Barrett in the Supreme Court next week.

Trump in the throat: Renting a hall to deliver an attack on the 2016 primary season calls Trump a griffer and bust. He was the only Republican senator to vote to convict Trump on one of the indictments earlier this year.

Dudley’s two-way approach to mite is very good. Last week he (in his real name) tweeted that American politics had become a “bad, sensible, hateful morality.”

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Guess who the former Pierre Telecto is to blame for this deplorable state of affairs.

“It is unacceptable not to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power,” he said recently. He hasn’t talked about Democrats since 2016, he mentions, you know.

He wants a “commission” to solve the wildfire problem. (Hey Mid, how about going back to our old policy of removing shrub and dead tree?)

The sad thing is that even after all these years, Mitt somehow thinks he will somehow get caught up in the Democrats who never dreamed of voting for him.

Did Romney learn anything from his own runs as president? Two debates pile up. He was flat about not paying taxes.

Like John McCain, Mitt’s goal has always been the position of the last Republican. Like it did something good for him, or McCain.

. )

The mainstream media is already hating Mitten again. Here’s a headline from the Washington Post: “Romney is a guy who can not please anyone – he’s polite enough to accept it.”

That is what they are saying now. But don’t worry – if he ever gets a 2024 nominee (suspicious), the Post will throw out their old story from 2012 onwards.

Get up mid. You will never be president. And neither will Pierre Telecto.

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