Vasily Lomasenko vs. Tiffimo Lopez Staff Selection and Predictions

Vasily Lomasenko vs. Tiffimo Lopez Staff Selection and Predictions

The Bloody Elbow team has made predictions for a major boxing clash between Vasily Lomasenko and Defimo Lopez. I have also taken some parts Bad left hook Staff, you can read here. We are somehow unanimous on Lomachenko between us and the PLH, although his -400 favorite odds are relatively small by his standards.

If you do not have an ESPN TV can you trust this fight to be free on ESPN or stream on ESPN +? This is awesome.

Vasily Lomasenko vs. Tiffimo Lopez

Mookie Alexander: For the first time, I was not comfortable choosing Vasily Lomasenko to win a fight. Lopez is the toughest winner he has ever fought for, and he is not just a power-puncher. Theofimo is a boxer — I think he has great sharpness for his shots, great athleticism and great finishing skills when someone gets hurt. On the other hand, Lopez has not yet been challenged by someone with Lopasenko’s level of skill but it applies to everyone. Lomasenko should not be his prime minister by age, but despite Tim Bradley complaining that he is no longer his prime minister, I see no signs of decline. His angles, his combinations, his cardio, his defensive skills and his ability to go from 0 to 60 with his size are unlike anyone else in the game today. I wonder if Lopesenko would have been more wary of Lopez’s power because even though he was dropped by George Linares, it was more of a balance and timing issue than a real injury. By default there is serious maneuvering here because you want to go with Lomachenko, but Lopez seems like a special talent, and he is a great fighter with tools to pull grief. I think at the beginning of the fight we will see Lopez catching Lomachenko with the right cross, but Lomachenko adjusts and walks away in a very competitive battle. What worries me more about Lopez is how slow his footsteps were against Nakadani in the pre-dominance fight of Richard Cami. Vasily Lomachenko by consensus.

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Lucas Borden (From the preview): It’s hard for Lopez to imagine a scene where he wins a decision without seriously hurting Lobachenko at one point, but I do not believe there is anyone lightweight with a great shot to manage it. He has already announced a future move of up to 140 pounds, will be bigger than the Ukrainian, will hit harder and may be a little faster. For that he can not only trust the counters, and the key to him will be the body. Lomasenko’s layered defense is too hard to hit him clean in the head, but his body is a relatively easy target and Lopez can find his right straight. The initial rounds will be very frustrating for Lopez, but he must use them to save Loma’s energy as much as possible, and increase his chances of catching any big things later in the fight and turning his power margin into a factor.

While there is a path to success for Lopez, it is best for anyone who is lightweight or less, Lomasenko is a -400 favorite for a reason. Lopez believes Lopez can push, and he has every reason to think he can, but at the end of the day I expect the Ukrainian adult to outbox him and raise his hand again on Saturday. Vasily Lomachenko by consensus.

From Bad left hook

Scott Christ: Lomachenko is not old, but if he is still true he will definitely not be in his true peak form for much longer. Lopez, on the other hand, is not going to be too high for 135; If it weren’t for this fight, he might have already gone to 140. So luckily we get this, the only time it can actually happen.

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I think Theophimus Lopez is already a good fighter and has real energy to be the best. He’s the big man here, natural lightweight. He’s young, he’s quick, he’s heavy, and he’s got that real deception that comes out even in his quiet moments when he’s not involved in the junk talking show. I do not think he has any fear of Lomachenko or he has any real fear of this fight.

If Lopez gets Loma – or someone – big and right on time, he can knock him out completely. But I don’t think he can do it. I think he will have some moments, maybe even drop Vasily at some point, but overall I think Lomasenko is still a tactical magician and the technical marvel for getting Duke here for Theofimo. If Lopez is going to win, it should definitely be a stop, but I think Loma still has the IQ, and spring on his step to avoid the most important incredible leg work and home run shots. I think he hates Lopez on the way to a clear conclusion. Lopez will be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come, but Saturday will be Loma’s night. Lomachenko UT-12

To Esco: You know, I often agree with Tiffimo Lopez when he refuses to compare this struggle against Lomasenko with Mayweather-Canello. This fight is really nothing like that, but there is at least one comparison with Mayweather-Pacquiao, but I think this fight is relevant. Manny Pacquiao is often proud of his footprint and ability to get angles on his opponents, but when he was ready to fight Floyd, I continued to point out that Floyd’s footprint was better than Pacquiao’s, though not as fast as Herky-Jerky.

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It attracted a lot of criticism at the time, but it was clear in their fight when Pacquiao was unable to take angles on Foyt, where Floyd was able to smoothly highlight and return because he could get away with his best offense. With பக்குவியோ. It’s nothing that catches your attention on screen, but one thing makes the biggest difference. So I bring this back to Lomachenko-Lopez, I mean the best football is not something you can easily reflect on in sparring, because almost no one can imitate that aspect and adults. Lomachenko is one of the adults, especially in the field of veterinary medicine, which is going to present a level of difficulty that Lopez has never encountered before. Lopez’s footprint was not enough to resist Lomachenko as much as I could tell, so if Lopez could not type Lopechenko with a big shot, I see Lomachenko stopping him over the distance. Lomachenko UT-12

Lomasenko Selects Staff: Steffi, Mookie, Lucas, Will (PLH), Scott (PLH), Watson (PLH), Stumberg (PLH)

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