Pangxi confirms that the new artwork is his work

Pangxi confirms that the new artwork is his work

After Hula Hooping posted a picture of a mural of a little girl on her Instagram account, she confirmed that she is behind the new artwork.

The piece appeared on a wall in the corner of Rotsey Avenue in London, Nottingham on Tuesday.

Sprinkled in black and white, the “Hula-Hoop” woman, upon learning, depicts Hula Hoop playing with a teenage bicycle tire, while a real bike with a missing tire is near her.

People began to think that art was a real bangsi, and some experts in the city were skeptical of its origins, even with Itcher, a street artist, who said it was their work.

But since the picture was posted on his official Instagram page, Banksy confirmed that it was his own work.

Surinder Kaur, 42, who runs a beauty salon next to the artwork, said the bike looked like a mural.

Within hours, he said, the council hurried to protect itself by placing a clear plastic sheet over it.

Already painted on plastic two or three times.

“Everyone is so excited, so many, so many people are coming to see the film,” Ms Kaur said.

“Everyone was confused as to whether it was real or not, but it’s a wonderful film, it’s wonderful art.”

The artwork depicts Hula Hoop playing with a teenage bicycle tire while a real bike with a missing tire is near her

Banksy’s “distributed parliament” with houses of parliament filled with chimpanzees – sold for $ 9.9 million last year, setting a new record for his work according to the appraisal website

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Many of his murals have been thrown off the walls, and Kissing Coppers – a picture of two male police officers in the warmth next to a Brighton pub – sold for 50,000 350,000 in 2011.

Ms. Kaur said: “Unfortunately I have no property and I rent it out.

“He brought the bike with him – the bike has one tire, the other tire has the little girl’s hula hoop in the picture.”

Following the lockdown, the recently reopened MS. Gaur said a lot of people come to his salon to hear about the mural, but are not yet sure if this will create a boost to his business.

“Let’s see – I don’t know about anything right now,” he said.

Tessa O’Connor, 46, and daughter Lamara-Grace O’Connor, 4, were among the first to visit street art.

Nottingham City Council has installed a Perfex screen to protect it from malfunction

Tessa said: “I learned about it from the news and social media and when I realized where it was I couldn’t believe it. My grandmother lived here and I grew up around here.

“It’s the greatest honor he has chosen to put here, it’s definitely him. It’s a shame that people have been insulted, but I’m glad it was cleaned up.

“You can appreciate it. I love it – especially since my daughter said it to her.”

Daniel Ahmed, 23, a student at Nottingham University, lives on the same street as Creative.

He said: “When I first saw it, I didn’t see the big thing, but now I get it.

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“I think it’s very good. Sadly it had paint – I do not know why you want to destroy it.

Dozens of people have visited the artwork since the international artist confirmed it was his work

“He may have chosen it because there is more student area. It makes us a little happier because we can’t go out or do much at this time. ”

Police arrived at the scene on Saturday morning to see to it that the works were not disrupted and to ensure that people maintained a social distance.

In July, a Banksy artwork inspired by the Corona virus appeared on a London tube train.

Wearing masks, sneezing or hand washing If a series of rats around a cart were stenciled, you do not get it unless you mask it.

Transport to London quickly removed it in line with its anti-graffiti policy, but said: “We appreciate the feeling of encouraging people to wear face masks.”

This summer, Banksy used the sale of his artwork to fund a 30-meter motor boat to rescue migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe.

Named after the 17th-century French anarchist Louis Michel, it features a bangsky work of art on its exterior.

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