Demi Lovato’s former Max Erich accused of running Zulki Beach for magazines

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato's former Max Erich accused of running Zulki Beach for magazines

The former ‘Under the Dome’ star has been called ‘attention-seeking’ and ‘uncomfortable’, and he is said to have been proposed to the ‘someone’ singer after he got caught up in the paparazzi’s camera mopping on the beach.

Max Erich He gets more disgust than sympathy as he continues to express his sadness at the end of his relationship Demi Lovato. The actor has been accused of holding his latest mood for magazines on the beach.

week end, “American Princess“The star was spotted visiting a beach in Malibu, which is believed to be the same beach that Demi questioned a few months ago. In the video obtained TMZ, He was sitting alone on the beach with his hands buried in his head. At one point, he took off his blue hat as he continued to stare in frustration.

But not many people buy into the fact that Max is really sad in the video. Someone who accused the actor of planning this and inviting the paparazzi to take the video said, “Are you upset? Of course. Understandable. Picking up the pipes and giving them to catch you around? Total.”

Another who suspected Max’s apparently dark feelings wrote on Twitter, “Oh please. Is anyone buying this nonsense? Someone who is looking for such attention.” The third person admitted, “Exactly. His behavior is so erratic and mentally ill, it’s scary.”

“dddlovato You really hit a bullet with this !!!” When someone else worries about Demi’s safety, she says, “It reminds me of a movie that no one said. Hess F ** raja crawls, she needs to be safe.”

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“He’s milking this – what an Academy Award – worthy performance,” another accused Max of acting. Similarly, another pointed out in his latest personal matter Video, Max seemed to be in a different mood, “but he smiled and streamed the ice cream. Selena Gomez Really last night. “Another noted,” Did he not bother? This is very complicated. ”

However, there were a few who defended Max, and one tapped the reviewer, saying, “This is a shame because he’s watching .They are normal human beings.” Another retorted, “Why? Didn’t Kana allow the person she wanted to spend her life with to split up to grieve?”

Someone else, meanwhile, suggested that Max seek professional help for his mental health. “This guy needs advice. Cheer up man. This world is full of surprises you never know who you’re going to meet tomorrow,” the user commented positively.

Before his beach view, Max begged Demi fans to stop bullying him. “We are both anti-bullying people, so we need to stop bullying people,” he told TMZ. “What people think about it – it has nothing to do with anything.”

He mentions claims that Demi broke up with him because he allegedly used his fame. Calling the rumors “absurd,” he said, “People should not believe what they are reading.”

He also asked that everyone be left alone as he planned to “let her be”. He added, “[We have to] Do what is healthy and safe for both of us. ”

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