‘We don’t know if this will be serious’

'We don't know if this will be serious'

But he was still amazed by the constant questions and online comments about her

The “When Milina” crowd may have been the most vocal fans on FGC in the last few years after Mortal dropped out of Combat 11’s main list, but fans have finally gained their liking recently with the release of the MK11 Ultimate update. He, Rain and John Rambo as new playable characters in Combat Pack 2.

Death Combat co-creator Ed Boone a Interview during the New York Comic Con When asked about his motivation and persistent comments about Kittana’s Evil Sister, he revealed about Netherrem Studios’ ‘Hit Boss’ on Classic Fighter.

“We suspended Milina just to make a compliment, but we didn’t know it would be serious,” Boone said when asked about the fans ’response. “For years we have been throbbing with messages like ‘I want to see Milina again’ and we wanted to extend it.”

The senior gamemaker admits to leaning towards making non-references and saying things like ‘you will never see Milina in one of our games’, but he says he wouldn’t really do so if at some point on the way to MK11.

“I tease the fanatics who demand to be added 100 times a day,” Boone said in a private interview in June.

Following the Ultimate revelation – even with Rambo – it is hard to argue at this point that they have not succeeded in their mission of building that appreciation and anticipation that Milina considers Twitter to be the number one trend in the United States.

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“We paused for Milina to make a compliment, but we didn’t know it would be serious. For years we were throbbing with messages of ‘I want to see Milina again’ and wanted to extend it.”

After a year and a half of MK11 with voice actor for Shaw Khan’s “daughters” Charlie Wallgreen, some die hard Milina fans left in tears and recorded special messages for those waiting for his return.

Boone said in an NYCC interview, “This is a great structure and we played with it a little bit.” We know we will eventually release a video like we did, to ease the flooding. This is what happened to Milina, and we suddenly saw the results online. “

Milina first made her debut in Mortal Combat 2 and then became a regular cast member, where she only missed MK4 and Deadly Alliance from major titles.

After taking brief control of the out-of-the-world following the events of MK9, the tube princess met her fate at the hands of D’Vora at MKX, but time travel now eliminates the need to explain her existence.

There is still a month to try the new and improved Milina – she has nails now! – Mortal Combat 11: With Rain and Rambo during the Ultimate release on November 17th.

This will be one of the very few fighting games available on the next generation consoles in the release window, and current PlayStation and Xbox owners when the time comes PS5 and Series X | S can be upgraded for free.

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