NASA releases a wide-ranging photograph of Mars taken diligently

NASA releases a wide-ranging photograph of Mars taken diligently

(Washington) NASA on Wednesday released an amazing photo of Mars Diligence In the area where the rover landed last week.

France Media Agency

This photo, reconstructed from several shots taken by the vehicle, shows the ridge of the Xero gorge, which scientists say contains a deep lake about 3.5 billion years ago when a river ran through it.

This vehicle took 142 360 degree shots.

Photo via AFP

The reconstructed photo from several shots taken by the vehicle shows the edge of the Jessero abyss

“We are established on a good site and we can see characteristics like what was discovered from there Spirit, Opportunity And Curiosity (The three spacecraft are earlier Diligence On the red planet) in their landing zone, ”said Jim Bell of the University of Arizona.

The U.S. space agency has an obvious goal of finding traces of ancient life on the Red Planet, by collecting up to thirty rock samples over at least two years.

Of cameras Diligence It will help scientists determine the geological history and atmospheric conditions of the abyss, and identify rocks and sediments that will be collected before being carried to Earth in a future mission planned for the 2030s.

NASA has already released two exceptional documents captured by its vehicle on Monday, recording the amazing video of his landing from all angles, and the sound of Mars, the first audio recorded by microphone on the red planet.

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