Pills-Titans, Broncos-Patriots NFL after positive corona virus tests

Pills-Titans, Broncos-Patriots NFL after positive corona virus tests

Nashville, Den. (AP) – The Bills-Titans game has been moved from Sunday to Tuesday night until there are no positive tests for the Tennessee COVID-19 in the Middle Ages, someone with direct knowledge of the switch tells the Associated Press.

The NFL is changing the Franco-Patriots game from Sunday to Monday night after a small explosion of COVID-19 in New England, the person said on Thursday, adding that the league and teams that spoke on condition of anonymity had not officially announced the changes.

Three games have now been postponed due to infection: Pittsburgh, Tennessee has been moved to October 25 in Week 3.

The buffalo is scheduled to host Kansas City next Thursday, and that game is scheduled to resume.

The Titans blast rose to 23 on Thursday, with tight end Michael Proud and defensive retreat from the training squad on the Reserve / Covit-19 list Thursday afternoon. The Titans facility has been closed as the group is still barred from any personal activities.

Tennessee (3-0) withdrew 21 positive tests from September 29, but now have 13 players on the Reserve / Covid 19 list, including four starters and a long-time snapper.

Titans coach Mike Wrofel has only spoken to reporters once this week and said he is entitled to continue following league ethics on Tuesday.

During an investigation by the NFL and the Players ‘Association into how Tennessee turned out to be the league’s first COVID-19 eruption, an expert in the investigation told the Associates that the Titans’ “specific incidents” could break protocols for dealing with the corona virus. Press Wednesday.

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Also, a day before several Titans work at a private school, Tennessee was told that players could not do any personal activities at the club’s facility or elsewhere, someone familiar with the situation told Andrei on Thursday.

The NFL closed the Tennessee and Minnesota facilities on September 29 after eight positive test results for the Titans; The Titans played the Vikings in Week 3. The Titans team, including quarterback Ryan Danehill, served on Sept. 30 at Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville after receiving approval from coaches at the school.

There is no language in the CBA or Govt protocols related to work after being told whether or not to explode in a team facility.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell warned all 32 teams on Monday that adherence to league protocols would necessitate violations that force changes to the schedule to be excluded from draft selections or to miss games. Updated NFL protocol on Oct. 2.

NFL chief medical officer Dr Alan Siles said Wednesday that he had investigated everything from the video inside the Titans facility, interviewed everyone involved and examined seat charts on buses and planes.

Sils noted that they want to learn how to improve, and that the NFL has already made a number of changes.

The Patriots missed a second formal training session on Thursday after NFL defender Stephen Gilmore joined quarterback Cam Newton on the Reserve / Covid 19 list on Wednesday. New England also have defensive action from the coaching staff on this list.

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New England coach Bill Belichick said on Thursday the team had closed its facility for the club’s health and safety. Belichick said whether the Patriots would return to their facility on Friday would be more of a medical decision than a football decision.

“Things change very quickly or can change very quickly. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t,” Belichick said. “We know there will be challenges at the start of the season. There were. We are ready to work through them. That’s what we do. ”

On October 1, the NFL sent out new protocols to all 32 teams, describing additional measures, including a second daily test when dealing with an explosion or being exposed to an explosion. This includes teams and players who are not allowed to set aside any meetings or group activities from the facility.

Miami coach Brian Flores can control all coaches and players, not how they play or defer, but how they adhere to and follow the rules.

“Well, if we start canceling more games or starting to postpone more games, what will the rest of the season look like?” Yes, but I try to stay far away from the road, ”Flores said. “I think the league will handle those things. If we end up suffering, stay that way.”

Notes: The Titans also announced that Tommy Hudson, currently a member of the training team on the Reserve / Covid 19 list, has been suspended for six games without pay for violating NFL policy on performance-enhancing products.

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