Hands on: iOS 14.2 Beta 1 changes and features [Video]

Hands on: iOS 14.2 Beta 1 changes and features [Video]

Apple releases new software updates at a blister rate, such as the latest update New iOS 14.2 Developer Beta. This beta update comes with a number of significant changes, including the redesign now enabling the music interface in Control Center. Check out our handful of video rehearsals while exploring the new iOS 14.2 Beta 1 changes and features.

What’s new in iOS 14.2 beta?

The lock screen now controls and enables the AirPlay 2 interface

The lock screen that now enables music controls has been updated with various subtle changes and features. The scrubber knob for the playhead indicator is now larger, as well as the knob for the volume controls. You will notice that the timestamp showing the current status of the playhead is now directly adjacent to the playhead instead of to the left of the timeline. Previously time spent on the right side of the timeline was completely avoided by this new design.

Other new features include a new AirPlay button design and a new popover style for the AirPlay 2 slots. A similar redesign has been used for the ability to control other AirPlay 2-powered speakers and TVs on your local network. Don’t forget to watch the full video rehearsal to see what’s new.

Video: iOS 14.2 Beta 1 Changes and Features

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Redesigned AirPlay 2 controls in the control center

Similar to the updated lock screen interface, Control Center has redesigned the playing interface and AirPlay 2 controls.

First, you will notice that the album artwork is huge within the now-running interface, and even with the AirPlay 2 target interface open, full background controls for the currently running music track will remain on the screen.

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If no media is currently running, iOS 14.2 Beta 1 will provide users with a list of recommended media. In the example shown in the video, iOS recommended both recently played music and podcasts.

Other control center features include:

  • Quickly find out if other AirPlay 2 devices are active on your network via simple animation
  • Large scrubber handle and block handle
  • Source Icon Indicator (ie podcasts or music)
  • The time shown near the scrubber
  • AirPlay Button Design Variations
  • The Music app gets the update AirPlay popover

Another notable feature we have already covered in 9to5mac is the new Shasam Music Recognition CC transition. As explained in the previous post, This new transition allows users to quickly identify music currently playing in a local environment or on a device. The transition will also help identify music that is currently being re-played via headphones.

In addition to the above features, the initial iOS 14.2 beta includes the following changes:

  • Detection of people in the Magnifier application for social distance
  • Check out the app with something new Apple Watch Solo Loop Application icon
  • Reduce loud noises renamed as headphone protection
  • Improve hand washing via analysis

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Early The iOS 14 public version has just been released, There is already a new iOS 14.2 beta to explore further. While this may take a lot, it’s not surprising that Apple continues to release new beta releases to enable non-cutting features for iOS 14 and to help squash. Some of the lasting iOS 14 bugs.

What do you think about the new AirPlay 2 interface changes and background controls found in iOS 14.2? Sound in the comments with your thoughts.

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