Inseparable – All future updates, DLC canceled


505 Games, RPG Publisher Developed by Lab Zero Games Inseparable, Has provided one Official report On the Dissolution of Laboratory Zero Games and the Meaning for the Future Inseparable Updates and downloadable content.

Inseparable Available now via PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC Steam.

Get the full report below.

Official 505 Game Report on Lab Lab Zero Games

In light of Lab Zero’s recent restructuring and dissolution, 505 Games wants to clarify what this means for the future. Inseparable.

At this point, there will unfortunately not be much productivity in the game other than the content already submitted.

We understand that longtime players are waiting for some of the characters created by the guest characters and supporters. Unfortunately, this extra content is not included in the game.

An update for the Nintendo Switch has already been submitted. It will add Rasmi’s challenges, new game + and coaching partnership to Nintendo Switch. That update will bring all platforms to the same level of development and provide a complete gaming experience for all current and future players. It is expected to be released to other areas starting October 13th at the end of this month.

Inseparable A game of diversity, content, friendship and evolution. 505 Games has worked with many talented and creative people at Lab Zero for many years Inseparable For life.

We are proud of the game being created and glad we got the positive response it deserves. Sorry, the trip ended this way.

We want to thank everyone Inseparable New and old players, supporters of the game. From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you all.

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—505 Sports

Q Frequently Asked Questions

What about the guest characters?

We understand that longtime players are waiting for guest characters and some characters created by supporters. Unfortunately, this extra content is not included in the game. At least the IP holder in the guest roles retreated, and we expect many more to follow. Dissolving Lab Zero means there will be no growth in the future Inseparable.

What is the Ajna idol for supporters?

The only remaining body is the Indigo Baker reward Ajna / Heruka statue. To support the support community, 505 Games accepted this responsibility to ensure that fans would receive their physical rewards. 505 pays to produce the statues that will enter production. We will publish information about the availability of this reward in due course.

Is the game being removed from Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.?

The game will continue to be available for purchase digitally on all current platforms. Physical versions of the game are still available for PS4 and Xbox One in all regions. Physical versions of the game for Switch are only available in Europe and Japan.

Will the North American physics version of the game be released?

For now, North American body release Inseparable Canceled. The early North American version was delayed by the impact of the epidemic. However, most North American players choose to buy digitally, and due to the current situation with Lab Zero, it is no longer possible to produce this version of the game.

Players who pre-order the North American physics version of the game must contact their retailer to get a refund.

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My sponsor code does not work / my digital reward is not available, what can I do?

Lab Zero is responsible for all Digital Indigo rewards and sponsor issues (except statues and physics versions of the game). Please contact them directly [email protected] Keep in mind that depending on their current situation, they may not be able to respond.

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