The most important vice presidential debate in American history

The most important vice presidential debate in American history

40 years ago V.P. Wednesday night’s debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris will be the most important since the debate began. V.P. While the debates see fewer fans than the Sparring matches at the top of the ticket, the 2020 races and the unique events surrounding it have made the Benz-Harris Facebook page particularly newsworthy.

We are reminded that it was a heartbeat for the Vice President to step down from the presidency when the President posted at Walter Reed Hospital that he was already battling a virus that has killed 210,000 Americans. Looking at the experiences of some COVID-19 patients, often referred to as “long travelers,” questions about the president’s disability have come to the fore.

Vice Presidential debates are boring events that focus on how a candidate will best serve the President if elected and what kind of policies an administration will follow. In the context of these debates, there will always be recognition that if their ticket wins, one must be willing to be president individually. However, the 2020 race presents us with two of the oldest presidential candidates in American history. One of them is currently battling a serious health crisis – President Donald Trump – and the other is former Vice President Joe Biden, who faced a series of health challenges in the 1980s. Mr. Even if Trump is re-elected or Mr. Even if Biden wins next month, they will take office during a deadly epidemic that has proven to be particularly dangerous for the elderly. Americans V.P. They will be watching the debate with new vigor, and one of those two people could easily become president — not because they ran for office, but because they won office.

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V.P. The discussion will take place mostly in the empty hall on the University of Utah campus. Candidates will be significantly further away than normal. They will be barred from traditional physical contact: a handshake before and after the discussion and a side photo selection for the offspring. But the debate moderator, Susan Page, will continue to ask both candidates a series of questions, focusing on health, wellness and 25 more in succession than ever before.Th Correction. Although the open discussion of the incompetent or deceased president may seem cruel, Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden’s age and health history demand it.

In a normal election year, vice presidential candidates often serve as the attack dogs of presidential candidates and, of course, there will be plenty of attacks and criticism during the debate. However, this is not a normal year. Vice Presidential candidates have always wanted to present a presidential light and order in the debate, and that approach is crucial Wednesday night. It is important that both candidates stay away from open political warfare, focus on the absolute reality of a country with a bad president, and face multiple crises.

Vice President Pence should do better. As we have seen in his press conferences on COVID-19, his personality is calm, controlled, and stable. They are qualities that help him in the discussion system. However, his presence and rhetoric often express the ‘yes-man’ feeling of submission to a dominant president. Play well in cool, quiet and collected discussion; Obedience and will not be as follows. He must not only be willing to accept the presidency if necessary, but he must show himself to be a strong leader in his own right to be a captain on his own ship. This is Mr. This would be an departure for Pence any would be for any vice president. That challenge is magnified by the need to walk a good path between showing personal challenge and provoking a KG, paranoid president.

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For Ms. Harris, who has shown herself to be a talented and powerful debater during the primaries, it is important to correct an attitude that worked well for her in the summer and fall. Mr. His determined, proactive approach to leveling candidates, including Biden, showed his strength in the political arena. Now, his challenge is to distance himself from his lawyer, Kamala Harris, and from President Kamala Harris. It is important to her that she is deeply concerned and focused on the issues that will continue as president. Mr. Part of the debate will focus on how Biden will help if elected president. But the performance of the debate was Mr. In the absence of Biden he had to prove who he was. As the United States loves a fighter who can fit anyone in the political arena (an even more important trait for a female candidate running in a country with significant, remaining gender bias), what America needs now is a stable, strong, empathetic leader. Rule independently.

In many ways, Mr. Benz and Mrs. Harris are best suited to do what the President cannot do in the first debate: Be an adult in the room and at the same time express strength and compassion. As a parent – Mr. Benz glows as he discusses his daughter’s achievements, and Ms Harris embraces the moniker ‘Mamala’ as she discusses her step-children — each may be a country parent, ready to help when they see a struggle. V.P. Both of the nominees are for their families and what they are may be for the nation: a rock that is stable and confident.

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Mr. Pence and Ms Harris have the opportunity to do something the president and former vice president did not do last week: Be the presidential candidates America wants. This is critically true this week with an updated focus on single reality: one of them may be president sooner than planned.

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