Browns vs. Cowboys – Game Recap – October 4, 2020

Browns vs. Cowboys - Game Recap - October 4, 2020

Arlington, Texas – Baker Mayfield and Miles Garrett enjoyed coming home.

It’s easy to forget that Odel Beckham Jr. also knew the surroundings.

Mayfield threw for two touchdowns, one set when Garrett had a strip sack in the third straight game, Beckham hit three times and the Cleveland Browns beat the Dallas Cowboys 49-38 on Sunday.

The Cleveland quarterback was playing at the Cowboys’ home for the first time since winning the Big 12 Championship with Oklahoma three years ago. Austin are now 3-1 at Brown for the first time since 2001.

When asked if he knew it had been 19 years since Cleveland had won three of its first four games, Mayfield said, “No, I really don’t care.” “It’s 2020, and we’re moving on to the next.”

Garrett played high school football a few miles from where he grew up, and on one field he visited Texas A&M several times.

Beckham Jr.? He spent his first six seasons with the New York Giants, being NFC East rivals to the Cowboys once a year. So there were so many people, even the 25,021 who had reduced the infection, that he had previously seen AT&T Stadium celebrating in the final zone.

After the Cowboys reduced the deficit to 41-14 in the fourth quarter with three straight downs, three touchdowns and 2-point shifts, Beckham hit his big day 50-yard upside down.

“It’s funny,” Kareem (Hunt) said before the play, “we need 5 yards.”

“And Harrison Bryant, Rookie advises me, instructs me and tells me to stay inward. I said, ‘Thank you, Rook. “I turned the corner and everyone was blocking. I was driving jets and saw the final zone.”

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Doug Prescott had his first 500-yard game, throwing 502 yards and four touchdowns, while passing at least 450 yards in three straight games for the first NFL quarterback.

With the Cowboys (1-3) playing three weeks behind, Prescott set that record, in part due to his earnings. He has won five of the last two games.

If coach Mike McCarthy wants to take Dallas to the playoffs in his first season, Dallas has lost its first match in three straight home games. Kevin Stephensky of Cleveland is also in his first season.

“We keep blaming and putting our defense in a bad place,” Prescott said, adding that his career-high 58th and final attempt interception put an end to any comeback hopes in the final two minutes. “It didn’t start any faster, and that’s what’s been killing us in the last few games.”

The Browns ran 307 yards and three touchdowns despite losing the lead to Nick Schupp due to a knee injury in the first quarter. Stephensky said Sup will receive an MRI exam.

Hunt, who is battling a hip injury, had 71 yards and two touchdowns, and D’Arnest Johnson will double his career tally to 26 yards in the first half, finishing with a team height of 95 yards.

Beckham’s first DD Jarvis Laundry’s first touchdown pass in his 100th career game, scoring 37-yards in a tactical game. This is the longest DT toss a receiver has taken since Beckham’s 49-yarder with the Giants in 2018.

“I had some other games on the tip of my tongue that I didn’t call it,” Stephensky said. “I told the guys we weren’t going to go to another game without being invited.”

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Garrett celebrated coming home early, the first of his two excuses in the second play. The second excuse turned the tide.

At 14-14 in the second quarter, Garrett forced the first two turning points in Dallas’ consecutive plays, both of which were converted into touchdowns as Cleveland broke the dive with 27 points in a row.

Garrett easily beat the unstructured Rookie Terence Steel and scored when he tried to throw Prescott, which led to a 1-yard scoring pass from Mayfield to Austin Hooper, who was 19 for 30 at 165 yards. After Ezekiel Elliott stumbled at the end of a 24-yard run near midfield, Browns went to Hunt for a 2-yard DT run.

“I’m not new to this field, so playing on this field and making great plays is nothing new to me,” Garrett said. “I’m glad I was able to do it again.”

Amary Cooper had 12 catches for 134 yards and a DD for Dallas, and Rookie CD Lamb hit his first two touchdowns.


Sup, who became the NFL’s fourth leading Russian, was injured in the first quarter when his right leg was involved in a pair of opposing innings. He went to the locker room and was told by the team that it was a knee injury.

Not in Big T

The Cowboys have so far allowed Cleveland 307 yards to speed. Dallas became the first team since Auckland in 2012 to concede at least 38 points in three straight games in a single season. The only time the Cowboys did was their opening season in 1960, when they went 0-11-1.

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Browns: W.R. Katherine Hodge injured her femur in a precam warming up. … DT Larry Okunjobi left with a stomach injury, never to return.

Cowboys: C Joe Looney injured his right knee in the first attack of the game and did not return. Rookie Tyler Biodas was appointed to replace him.

UP Next

Browns: Indianapolis at home next Sunday.

Cowboys: The New York Giants are second in three straight home games next Sunday.

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