Chiefs’ game against patriots Monday night | Fox 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

Chiefs' game against patriots Monday night |  Fox 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

Kansas City, Mo. – The The NFL confirmed Kansas City leaders will play New England Patriots Monday at 6:05 pm (CDT) at Arrowhead Stadium, according to ESPN correspondent Adam Shepherd’s Sunday morning news. Both teams continued to be suspended after players tested positive for the corona virus.

The NFL released this statement:

Further tests of players and staff on both teams did not yield new advantages from Saturday’s and Sunday’s test. Clubs liaise closely with the NFL and the NFLPA and epidemiologists for contact tracking and post-coit exposure protocols are now in place for both teams.

National Football League

The Patriots quarterback Game Newton and the Chiefs training team quarterback Jordan Tamu are the only ones who have so far withdrawn positive tests, but both teams are making additional screenings. In the meantime, the chiefs close their facility on Saturday and look forward to playing their clash with the Patriots in a couple of days.

The Patriots had planned to visit the Arrowhead Stadium behind a quarterback who could run at any time, and a backdrop that ran over the Raiders last weekend. Now they will go with Brian Hoyer or Jared Stidham, which should be good news for a leaders team that has historically struggled against the run.

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There are still plenty of threats in the background for the Patriots. Sony Michael needed nine carries to pile up 117 yards, while Rex Burkehead reached the final three times, while the Patriots won a total of 250 yards Las Vegas.

Now, any week could be about stopping the first order flow of business – the Chiefs (3-0) did better against the Ravens on Monday night. But the challenge is even more important when the Patriots (2-1) show such initiative to grind yards to the ground. They lead the league in the rush for the first three weeks.

Chiefs rank 27th in run defense.

The Patriots hope to control their running game clock and slow down the game, thereby allowing record-setting quarterback Patrick Mahomes and dynamic chiefs to leave the field.

“Ball control and points. You know that, ”said Patriot running coach Evan Fierce. “Let’s get points, let’s control the ball; I don’t care how we do it. Dink and dunk, quarterback sneak, I didn’t give a damn. Get it done.”

They have a lot of guys who can do it. Michael and Burkehead have a substantial background tandem, but the unformed rookie J.J. Taylor is also down in the mix. James White returned to training this week after his father died in a car accident, and Damien Harris, who is also out of reserve injured by a finger problem.

“We’re a competitor, but we want to see each other win,” Taylor said.

Patriots will be needed against the chiefs.

Game and get it

Newton would have been the fourth straight quarterback to be produced by executable chiefs. They faced Texans’ Deshane Watson in the opening game and were then made for Chargers Tyrode Taylor in Week 2, although he was ruled out shortly before the kickoff due to a medical accident. Then came Lamar Jackson of the Ravens last week.

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But if Newton fails to play, the more pro-style hoarse or untested second-year QB (backslash) statism will go.

Injury update

The L. Jarius Snead, who has two picks in his first three games as chiefs, but operated on a broken collarphone Monday night in Baltimore. They could have been without Chris Jones, who led the AFC last week with 3 1/2 excuses due to a hip injury. Best Cornerback Bashad left Freeland while serving in the final game of his four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

Mags in 2020

The dominant Super Bowl MVP is unforgettable for a year. He took the chiefs to the first degree in 50 years, signed a long-term contract that could pay him half a billion dollars, got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, and announced this week that the couple will have a baby. Oh, and he started the season with nine touchdown passes, another touchdown on the ground and almost 300 yards for a game without interruptions.

“I mean, all the exaggerations that were said about him, and I would say it all over again,” said Patriot coach Bill Belichick.

Pass the buck

While the biggest challenge facing the Chiefs is to stop the flow, the biggest challenge facing the Patriots will involve their pass catchers. Tyrik Hill and Sammy Watkins are the start of the headache – running behind fellow wide receivers McColl Hartman and Demercus Robinson, tight end Travis Gells and Clyde Edwards-Heiler are all threats.

“They have five good recipients in every play,” Belichick said, “so it’s hard to match two, three or four of them, but they’ve got five and a better quarterback and a better attack system. They increase the amount of pressure they put on you, and They do all sorts of things. ”

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Fan-tasting news

The Chiefs will welcome about 17,000 fans to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. This is the 22% efficiency they were allowed for their 1st week win against Houston, but we welcome the news after the empty stands on visits to the Chargers and Ravens.

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