French Open Results Live!  Tennis action from Roland Cross, TV channel and live stream details

French Open Results Live! Tennis action from Roland Cross, TV channel and live stream details

Welcome to the live coverage of the French Open Evening Standard.

All three of Britain’s biggest hopes were given tough balances – Murray in a review with his old rival Stan Wawrinka, Konda, in a meeting with former world number four Kai Nishigori against 16-year-old Koko Kauf and Evans.

Today’s play includes all the American clashes between Serena Williams and Christy Ahn, Rafael Nadal vs Ekor Gerasimov, while there are two more Brits in singles action.

Liam Brady faces Giri Wesley in court 10 before facing Cameron Norie Daniel Colon on the same court.

Matt Davis and Joe Krishnan bring you all the tennis moves from Roland Croce

Live updates

Outside of court updates

As I announced earlier, the rain has stopped in Paris and the game is going on in the outer courts. Updates on the first four locations outside Philip-Chartier Court are here.

Suzanne-Lenglan Court

Simmon-Matthew Court


Court 4

The theme takes the first set!

Silic 5-7 theme

The theme is a big, huge catch to pick up the opening package. It’s silly in races with a lead of 0-40, but the Austrian fight back to Deuce before his opponent becomes widespread.

This is the first set to be completely competitive, but takes a theme!


Theme to serve the set!

Silic 4-5 theme

Cilic looked very strong throughout, but he hit two nasty forced bugs as the theme regained its advantage.

He now has the opportunity to request an important first set!


Silic breaks again!

Silic 1-1 theme

Silic is definitely not going to go down without a fight. The former US Open champion makes the best sense with an elegant drop shot volley when he breaks straight behind.


Theme breaks!

Silic 0-1 theme

Well, it wasn’t the start that Cilic wanted! He shows a lot of power, but the theme just starts to shine, usually dancing around the court with lightning speed when the silicon breaks into 15.

The rain has stopped!

Some more good news to pick you up with is that the rain has stopped and the court cards outside are disabled!

As the Silic Vs theme goes on, many matches in the outer courts will start soon.

We will bring you updates on board.

Quidova embraces Todin after a solid victory

Game, Set, Tournament

Kvitova advanced to the second round!

Quidova goes to the second round, which takes less than an hour and 20 minutes to see his French opponent.

Todd put up a big fight, especially in the second set, but Quito’s service was ultimately too strong.

The seventh seed changes the match point the first time they advance 6-3 7-5.


Quito to serve the competition!

After overcoming Todin in a glamorous rally, Kvitova finally breaks once again to take a 6-3, 6-5 lead.

The Czechs now have a chance to make their way to the second round.


Todd retreats!

Well, maybe this is not entirely straightforward! Todd breaks straight behind, and the pair stand back in the second set.

Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that the rain has not yet subsided and no action has been initiated in any other court.


Quito breaks down!

To add to Toddin’s harassment, he made double mistakes on the net to give Kvitova an early break.

The seventh seed is now in service 6-3 1-0 – this time he travels to the second round!


Kvitova picks up the opening set! She needs 28 minutes to do so!

Todd is definitely competitive, but the seventh seed caught the gap she needed to advance.

The difference? Todd simply could not live with the service of Quito!

First: The first five courts

Right now, the play is set to begin on the famous Philip-Chartreuse Court. It now has a new pull-out roof, which is due to bad weather in pairs today.

Looks like it rained a lot in pairs, but here are the opening games on the top five courts anyway.

Philip-Charity Forum

Suzanne-Lenglan Court

Simmon-Matthew Court


Court 4

We will bring you all the updates around the courts throughout the day.

Today first it is Petra Kvitova Vs Ocean Todin

World No. 11 Petra Kvitova will step down from a disappointing fourth-round US Open exit as she begins her French Open campaign today.

The seventh seed comes against Dodin of France, who is ranked 118th in the world.

Despite undoubtedly entering the competition, Quitova is ranked 55th in the world by Shelby Rogers in Flushing Meadows.

Kvitova will be operational from 10 p.m.

Brits then in action!

After a very disappointing day for the Brits on the first day, Liam Brady and Cameron Nori will have a chance to impress.

Brady – who came through the qualifiers without dropping a single set – will face Jiri Wesley on Court 10.

Nori will immediately appear in the same court, against Daniel Callen.

Today’s table in Philip-Chartier Court

  1. Quito (7) vs Dodin
  2. Silic vs Theme (3)
  3. Ahn Vs Williams (6)
  4. Gerasimov vs Natal (2)

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TV and live stream details

UK viewers can watch the UK Open on ITV4, while also available online via the ITV Hub.

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